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Universal-JD x reader by ourloveiscold
Universal-JD x readerby mads
You are Veronica's younger sister. You're only a year younger than her and you were pushed into the group. You don't really enjoy being with The Heather's or your sister...
obsession | jd x reader by lvemurdock
obsession | jd x readerby zach/will
after meeting at 7/11 jd became obsessed with y/n and he would do anything to protect them even if it's killing his other peers loosely follows the plot of the musical c...
~Chaos~JD X Reader (#Wattys2017) by -EmilyWinston-
~Chaos~JD X Reader (#Wattys2017)by I N A C T I V E
Y/N Sawyer gets swept away into a world of chaos by Jason Dean...
jd smut 🤭 by Karen4402
jd smut 🤭by bennett
smut bc ria said she might give me nitro for this
It Takes A Killer {JD x Reader} by Felicity_Clark12
It Takes A Killer {JD x Reader}by Felicity_Clark12
{Suicidal & Sexual situations. Mature content} (Slow updates) You never were miss popular. everyone had always found something to tease you about. and nothing much cha...
Stay With Me (JD x Reader)  by HaileeCastillo5
Stay With Me (JD x Reader) by Hailee Castillo
You and JD have been best friends for a while but JD has turned psycho but you don't care because you can't really notice it. On your first year of high school that's wh...
Are you insane like me? [JD x Reader] by cursedwormz
Are you insane like me? [JD x Read...by kai
~Are you insane like me? Been in pain like me?~ [Y/N] had issues but never really knew how to solve them until she met him. Once she met him everything was going to be f...
Blue Raspberry (JD x Reader) by Lunix-is-cool
Blue Raspberry (JD x Reader)by Lunix
Reader gets referred to they/them so anyone can read this. Genere: Drama, Romance, Comedy Word count so far: 8,087 ☆ Y/n was boring, average looks, average life, average...
Heathers (parody) by beau_a_tenshi
Heathers (parody)by Beau A. Tenshi
Jane has been friends with the Heather's since Elementary. she's watched as they became 'the Heather's' that ruled the school and as they initiated Veronica Sawyer into...
Ur the bomb ;) \\Jason Dean x Reader\\ by official-simp
Ur the bomb ;) \\Jason Dean x Read...by official-simp
Basically the original story but you my readers will replace Veronica and there will be some changes. (Not for younger people)
Fanfic Rates ✌️ by Hammie_The_Dinosaur
Fanfic Rates ✌️by Hammie_The_Dinosaur
I'll read fanfics and rate them here for y'all. 🄵🄰🄽🄳🄾🄼🅂 ~ Heathers ~ Riverdale ~ Mr. Robot ~ Queen ~ Fortnite
"Our Love Is God!~" Jason Dean (J.D) x Reader by Kenny-_-McCormick
"Our Love Is God!~" Jason Dean (J...by Kenny! <3
he/they pronouns will be used for Y/N !! Y/N Duke. The Younger brother (by a few months) of the beloved, Heather Duke. After being dragged into her friend group, Y/N be...
Heather's - A New Beginning (JD x Reader) by Struggl1ng_Auth0r
Heather's - A New Beginning (JD x...by Kathryn
{⚠DISCONTINUED⚠} In and alternate dimension you get to see the drastic change at the end of the musical go from Veronica saving Westerberg High, to her losing, giving J...
Love Bomb by TooManyMusicals
Love Bombby _.Pretty._.Bird._
You have gone to school with some of the people, only just a hand full (Y/n) (L/n) is going to be the forth Heather, what happens when you meet a boy called JD, now what...
Red, White, and Black | Heathers [ JD x Reader ] by peachysplit
Red, White, and Black | Heathers [...by rin
intended lowercase. veronica had sworn off jd, and jd had sworn off killing. you, however, had not sworn off either.