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unwanted....unloved by rikarashrenalforever
unwanted....unlovedby lavanya
'i was brought to this place as a small child. i was told i would get love here but love never existed for me in that place. i was told that history would repeat for me...
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I'll be there by Sharanlavi
I'll be thereby Sharanlavi
Continuation of shrad scene
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je suis toujours là pour toi by magicglow11111
je suis toujours là pour toiby lavanya
je suis toujours là pour toi means i am always there for you. anyway based on the sharad scene and onwards.
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cancer brought us closer by rikarashrenalforever
cancer brought us closerby lavanya
what is cancer? cancer is one of the world's most terrifying diseases which took away many lives.c cancer is like a evil spell. and she had no idea that she would fall p...
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teen pregnancy by magicglow11111
teen pregnancyby lavanya
maybe she made a mistake. but she didn't do it intentionally. she was lucky to have an understanding boyfriend. but unfortunate to have understaning parents. Many people...
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kismat by magicglow11111
kismatby lavanya
kismat....fate - everything happens for a reason. and when fate happens look for the good in it as it is there! you can control your destiny, but not your fate. destiny...
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the deal by rikarashrenalforever
the dealby lavanya
he loved her once and then married someone else. she was upset and that was when she started to hate him forever. what happens when they meet again? what happens when t...
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Raah Hoon Main Teri, Tu Hai Tu Meri by rikarashrenalforever
Raah Hoon Main Teri, Tu Hai Tu Meriby lavanya
because of her father's last wish, she married someone who she only sees as a friend. as a wave of hurt washed over her, she married him. the one who she loved was broke...
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a beautiful night by rikarashrenalforever
a beautiful nightby lavanya
just then she heard a knock on her window. she carefully got up holding her baby bump. she took small steps to the window and opened it only to see her jatadhari hippy o...
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Ho Poori Tujhi Se Meri Yeh Kahaani by rikarashrenalforever
Ho Poori Tujhi Se Meri Yeh Kahaaniby lavanya
in love, betrayal happens. in love, pain happens. in love, happiness happens. in love, hatred happens. in love, forgiveness happens. love is a very strong in so many way...
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War With Cancer by rikarashrenalforever
War With Cancerby lavanya
Cancer, the dreaded "C" word. It has become such an epidemic in our society that people are loath to even mention its name. The many faces of this disease chal...
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hamari shaadi by magicglow11111
hamari shaadiby lavanya
she looked at her bade papa and bade maa wedding album and then her chachu and cahci wedding album. 'mummy daddy alboom (album)?' she asked innocently. there was silence...
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the unrecognised hero by magicglow11111
the unrecognised heroby lavanya
for the world, she works in a NGO! people find her a little boring. but she lives a life where danger lurks in the corner. you could call her the hero of humanity. unfor...
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meri duniya tu hi re - Rikara SS by rikarashrenalforever
meri duniya tu hi re - Rikara SSby lavanya
all you need to know is that all couples are on good terms with one another. shivika has a 14 months old daughter called shivanya a.k.a anya. rudy is with somu. it is ki...
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were we meant to be? by magicglow11111
were we meant to be?by lavanya
accused. misunderstood tired. she left him vowing that she will never fall in love again. she was tired of hearing him misunderstanding her. she had enough and walked ou...
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meri fool, meri moti, meri happy diwali by magicglow11111
meri fool, meri moti, meri happy d...by lavanya
12 years later, he meets her again in a diwali function. but they already met before that function. enjoy this fun filled diwali two shots
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i am always by your side by magicglow11111
i am always by your sideby lavanya
if the world is against him, she is right by his side. she will never leave him alone for the world to kill him. she is even willing to give up her own life just for him.
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our wedding  by magicglow11111
our wedding by lavanya
Come join Rikara's wedding
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dear princess by rikarashrenalforever
dear princessby lavanya
dear princess, You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them.
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teri meri, meri teri prem kahani hai mushqil by rikarashrenalforever
teri meri, meri teri prem kahani h...by lavanya
religion? doesn't it affect a lot of things? sometimes news. sometimes the way people think. religion does not only affects your life, but it always determines how your...
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