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Nonchalant Dragon - TaeNy [END]_Bonus by KimTaeYoung_0903
Nonchalant Dragon - TaeNy [END] Chóa
Biết chữ là đọc được =))
  • snsd
  • taeyeon
  • taeny
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His dilemma   by DoNotJudgeChild
His dilemma by DoNotJudgeChild
Kyle has liked Stan since the fourth grade but has never gotten a chance with him because of his girlfriend Wendy... But Wendy is always hurting Stan by breaking up with...
  • 13
  • buttersxkenny
  • malexmale
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He's My Mate! He's A Rogue! by Keyden
He's My Mate! He's A Rogue!by ;) figure it out on your own
Sequal to He's My Mate! He Pushed Me Out Of A Tree When I Was Eight! must read the first one first people! or you will get confused! For those who read the first one goo...
  • sorry
  • mix
  • before
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[Fanfic] [Longfic] Prostitute - JiJung/EunYeon by KendyChen
[Fanfic] [Longfic] Prostitute - Kendy Chen
JiJung / EunYeon
  • jiyeon
  • prostitute
  • park-jiyeon
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Animals...I Can Handle- Boys...I Cannot by muzicluver221
Animals...I Can Handle- Boys...I Ninja trainer ;)
Chloe Jurindy has spent most of her life hiding a secret from everyone. She can speak to animals. Chloe thinks she can handle anything that comes her way, except for one...
  • friend
  • fight
  • wrote
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[Tống Hiểu đồng nhân] Chấp niệm by Kasu123987
[Tống Hiểu đồng nhân] Chấp niệmby Thiến Thiến
Title: Chấp niệm Author: Long Hưởng Tiếp Trần Pairings: Tống Tử Sâm x Hiểu Tinh Trần x Tiết Dương. Rating: Có lẽ là 13+ đi... Genre: Đam mỹ, hiện đại cổ trang xen lẫn (n...
  • long
  • tốnghiểutiết
  • mạc
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Betrayed By My Brother || A Luke & Jai Love story || by BeausVansOmg
Betrayed By My Brother || A Krystal
"Your my bloodline, We're family! How could you?!" He screams. "I don't know. I can love her more than you!" I fired back. "You betrayed me.&quo...
  • chap
  • brooks
  • betrayed
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the worlds most feared hitman... is my new bodyguard by dark_scissors64
the worlds most feared hitman... Jesus
  • sandshumor
  • love
  • action
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Lying = Happiness? (Underfell/Underswap Au) by Ramen-Papsy525
Lying = Happiness? (Underfell/ Ramen-Papsy525
Ooooh~ I've got an interesting one for you all tonight! Coverart: Not mine! I have to find the creator before I put their name on it, so tell me if any of you know! All...
  • utsans
  • enjoy
  • ufsans
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Keep Her on the Low Chap. 1 by Keepheronthelow_
Keep Her on the Low Chap. 1by SaurinaD
  • roc
  • teammindless
  • mindless
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My mate is a jerk!? by WolfLover999
My mate is a jerk!?by WolfLover999
Spendilin is a lonley Emo werewolf girl. Her life gets muddeled when she finds her mate. Does he feel the bond? And will they live happily ever after?
  • boy
  • two
  • hate
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Làm thế nào để làm cho họ by VLMinhTh
Làm thế nào để làm cho họby Vũ Lê Minh Thư
Tôi là cô bạn học sinh vừa mới bước vào lớp 10 trải qua một cuộc thi vô cùng khó khăn.Gia đình tôi đã đặt rất nhiều hi vọng vào tôi nhưng tôi lại làm cho họ thất vọng gầ...
  • chap
  • th
  • thể
Royalty (as if!) by hannahbelleaaron
Royalty (as if!)by hannahbelleaaron
Chapter Book
  • chap
  • plz
  • youll
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