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Artist's Block by MissDema1
Artist's Blockby Dema
Kissing challenge #3 ༄ Prompts: Tired and Cheek - An exhausted and frustrated Kaveh ends up in Alhaitham's bed. - - My Twitter: @/_MissDema My AO3: @/MissDema - Fanart c...
Love Bites (Alhaitham x Kaveh) by FungusWithEmpathy
Love Bites (Alhaitham x Kaveh)by w
"We're not exactly friends..." Is what Kaveh would say if you were to ask him how his relationship was with Alhaitham. Nobody knew that they, in fact, were liv...
~ Why you?! ; Haikaveh // Kavetham by vivcros
~ Why you?! ; Haikaveh // Kavethamby vivcros
The story currently doesn't match so my bad lmao (Alhaitahm Top n Kaveh Bottom) I made this story for fun and also 1-4 chapters r a bit bad so yea 🙌
i'm sorry...for everything (Kaveh Angst) by kittybicsuits
i'm sorry...for everything ( ☆xeno☆
Kaveh used to be very energetic, but as he faces the realities lf his world, his happiness slowly fades away. TW $U!C!D3 $U!C!D3 THOUGHTS SH D3ATH BIG SAD :( ART ISNT MI...
Genshin Impact Fruity oneshots by imgayhaha000001
Genshin Impact Fruity oneshotsby Alice
these are going to be really short oneshots!! I accept requests anytime depending on the ship table of contents later cause why not fluff/ MAYBE some smut mostly fluff o...
Haikaveh Oneshots by xshxpxs
Haikaveh Oneshotsby phxies
Smut and fluff shots mostly smut NO ANGST that shit makes me bawl my eyes out Top Al haitham x bottom kaveh I will make kaveh cross dress at some points and kind of make...
HaiKaveh Stories by 1tz_zyo
HaiKaveh Storiesby 1tz_zyo
Stories for Al Haitham and Kaveh!! I do take request so if you have one feel free to tell me! COVER DOES NOT BELONG TO ME!!
Enemy [Kaveh x Al Haitham] by strawberryscara
Enemy [Kaveh x Al Haitham]by strawberryscara
[Modern day college AU] As 18 year old Alhaitham finally starts college, he finds out that he will be sharing his dorm with a boy his age. But as he find out that that...
My Genshin Headcannons & Updates by Himiko-fire-hydrant
My Genshin Headcannons & Updatesby Himiko-Fire-Hydrant
:) This is also updates for Inazuma's Wanted Lovers
The Prince's Lonely Artist by Bennett_420
The Prince's Lonely Artistby Bennett
Kaveh a ordinary person who love art saves prince Alhaitham from death, who than falls madly inlove with him after, soon after he starts receiving all kinds of gifts and...
Love Potion by MissDema1
Love Potionby Dema
Kaveh overhears a conversation on Valentine's Day and fears that his thesis partner is in danger. Will Alhaitham be a victim of the love potion that is going around the...
~ It's all My Fault ~ Kavetham Fanfic by Elumini
~ It's all My Fault ~ Kavetham Elumini
An Angsty fanfic about Alhaitham and Kaveh having a rough time with each other inc. big blown fights, nasty words, violence, suicidal thoughts, blood. there will be trig...
Haiveh Oneshots. // Book 1 by TXNDEMO-WXNDERZ
Haiveh Oneshots. // Book 1by silly
REQUESTS OPEN !! I cannot believe im actually making this,, . Kaveh x Alhaitham Oneshots. Simple as that.
Bloody Flowers by strawberry-shark
Bloody Flowersby Jaxx
Hanahaki disease is a disease in which the victim coughs up flower petals when they suffer from one-sided love. It ends when the beloved one returns their feelings or wh...
Can't You Just Smile (Alhaitham x Kaveh) by Pandoo_Bamboo
Can't You Just Smile (Alhaitham Jazzy
Kaveh wants nothing more than to make Alhaitham smile for once. After a dream where he is told to make him smile he is more determined than ever. He tries his hardest by...
Tavern - 4ggravate Short Story by Vivirmivida11
Tavern - 4ggravate Short Storyby Vivirmivida11
Ah, yes. What a pretty morning in Sumeru. This story starts in the Avidya Forest, with a young Dendro Archon standing in front of a rather modest sized home. Lesser Lord...
I need you (cynonari fanfic) by Aelita_Kitsune
I need you (cynonari fanfic)by
So recently I've Ben very involved in this ship and I couldn't help but write a fanfic, genshin/cynonari lovers enjoy and also there is going to be some alhaitham x kave...
It's not gay (it is) | Kavetham by mindalteration
It's not gay (it is) | Kavethamby ‍
"Besides- that's not gay, right?" Across the table Tighnari's cards fall from his hands, every trick up his sleeve laid bare alongside his shock. Cyno regards...
Numerous I Love Yous ×HaiKaveh× by Aito_Akaizuki
Numerous I Love Yous ×HaiKaveh×by MissAmericana/TheHeartbreakPr...
When I've waited all this time, does it really matter if I waited for a little more? With your radiance, it gets harder to keep you by my side no matter what I do. Don't...