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TBATE - Any means necessary by KuuroS
TBATE - Any means necessaryby Kuuro
After Alea's death Arthur desires to protect everyone he cares for by any means necessary.
Der Herzmacher by Inkognito97
Der Herzmacherby Inkognito97
Luzis neueste Kunden, stellen den jungen und erfahrenen Maschinisten vor ein großes Rätsel und ein mehr als außergewöhnliches Problem, das er nicht für möglich gehalten...
Divine by MiniTeddyBearrr
Divineby MiniTeddyBear
Knowledge is a curse. Choices are a burden. And living can be a sin. After an unsuccessful attempt at death, Arthur is given another chance to rewrite history and ultima...
TBATE - Fate's Kindness by Kimera_1
TBATE - Fate's Kindnessby Kimera
King Grey is a man unrivaled in strength, always on top and second to none, until he was assassinated and was reincarnated into another world where, for the first time i...
Anthea Aquarius (Alea Aquarius FF) by Merle0012
Anthea Aquarius (Alea Aquarius FF)by Merle
Das ist eine Fanfiction zu Alea Aquarius die zeigt wie Theas Leben meiner Meinung nach aussah und wie sie sich gefühlt hat. Es ist meine erste Fanfiction. Viel Spaß :-)...
A cold unending labyrinth. An infinite void of nothingness. A ghost living in the past. An eternally smoldering flame. They weren't always like this. There was a ti...
TBATE: NEW LIFE by tanjiro291
TBATE: NEW LIFEby tanjiro291
Due to an event he cannot explain, a reader has regained consciousness as Silver, younger brother of the Lance Alea. How will he survive future events? And what changes...
Alea Aquarius - Dunkle Wellen [Abgeschlossen] by Madame_Magica
Alea Aquarius - Dunkle Wellen [ Luna
! FORTSETZUNG VON BAND 5 ! ~Ein Oneshot mit zwei Kapiteln~ [Abgeschlossen] [Denkt nicht über die Logik nach, ich weiß nicht was ich mir damals dabei gedacht habe... XD ;...
Best Friends Forever! One Direction! by alexismccarty2
Best Friends Forever! One Alexis
It's about Alea and Alexis going to a One Direction concert and they meet them and read to find out more!
All about US by Zacks2310
All about USby Peace zacks
There is love as though it does not exist, he has been waiting for the day he woukd ask her out and she woukd say yes to him, well he did adk and she did say yes. But no...
From Love to Pain by bhea_thrize
From Love to Painby bhea_thrize
"You have me until the very last star in the galaxy dies."
Race against Time by Wolverina2002
Race against Timeby Wolverina
Just me, translating a slightly older Piece of Work into English. Hope you Guys enjoy. Please give Feedback.
Me In star wars the clone wars and Anakin Love Story  by byakuya978
Me In star wars the clone wars Alea Craig
My name is Alea Wayne-Skywalker and I am friends with Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Ahsoka Tano and also Pikachu and every Pokemon, Kirara, Entei, Ah-Un and Beau...
When dreams come true... by moonstone_Girl
When dreams come moonstone_Girl
Mein leben ist scheiße ja... zum mindestens dachte ich dass bis zu meinem 16 Lebens Jahr.
The lost throne by alirox2000
The lost throneby Alicia marie
What would you do if you had to find an ancient artifact that hasn't been seen in over a thousand years? Follow Alea in her adventures where there will be action, advent...
How To Train Your Dragon by byakuya978
How To Train Your Dragonby Alea Craig
It is about a Night Fury and a Viking boy becoming friends but my story is about a Light Fury named Alea and a boy named Hiccup. They found each other in the woods and...
Transformers Prime: The Fourth Child From Gotham by byakuya978
Transformers Prime: The Fourth Alea Craig
The story is my oc character is from Gotham City and is living in Jasper, Nevada. She meets a group of robots from a planet called Cybertron and she becomes friend with...
 Revenge ni Ms. Panget          by Pinkueswag
Revenge ni Ms. Panget by Bianca Miguel
Pag Beauty Tislist ang Mother mo Dating Hearthrob ang Father mo At Super Model ang ate mo Ano ang ieexpect sa bunso ng pamilyang tulad mo? Pag ba mukha mo ay panget pwed...
Pokemon: Alea, Full-Fledged Demon, a Pokemon Master  by byakuya978
Pokemon: Alea, Full-Fledged Alea Craig
It is about my main character in the Pokemon World
Where Can I Find That Guy? by Cresselia1265
Where Can I Find That Guy?by Artemis
Hi guys!! This story is about LunarEclipse Shipping. You might feel disgusted when Darkrai and Cresselia play hide and seek. Well there are also kissing scenes guys. Don...