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Rodeo's Anomalous Adventures in the SCP Foundation  by rodeo578
Rodeo's Anomalous Adventures in rodeo578
When Rodeo (me) , gets a mysterious package with a literal killer queen helmet in it and wears it , he gets transported to the anomalous world of the SCP's . Now having...
Messy. (Sons of Anarchy) by Corndog_The_Thug
Messy. (Sons of Anarchy)by Te
Who wants to know what a mess looks like, that would be me and my name is Marty Kay Lowman I am a f*cked up teen pregnancy gone way worse then wrong no one knows who I a...
Danny's Bizarre and Creepy Adventures in the SCP world (Slenderman x Jojo × SCP) by rodeo578
Danny's Bizarre and Creepy rodeo578
Danny Anderson is your typical pop culture lover until he met Slender man who was ready to give his powers as well as some additional powers from the jojo universe to h...
SCP - Able [Complete] by NakyNakashimmaArmy21
SCP - Able [Complete]by 🖤🌹Naky🌹🖤
"Why aren't you running for your life?" he asks "Don't you want to live?" "What's the point in living if I would just die anyway..." This b...
Golden Knight -SCP X Male!SCP!Reader- by Ratty_Confusion
Golden Knight -SCP X Male!SCP! Quackitys Simp
Rumours spread fast in the town of Hysteria Row, a small town in the UK. What happens when a rumour is spread around that the mayor's son's bodyguard, Nicknamed The Gold...
Ask Or Dare Le Scp's by devilschild2018
Ask Or Dare Le Scp'sby Fre sha vaca do
Have a burning question,or want to see the scp's do hilarious dares,then you've come to the right place! Here,you can ask or dare the following scp's: 035,049,049-j,073...
The Thrill of The Kill  by Xxanimecoolgirlxx
The Thrill of The Kill by Xxanimecoolgirlxx
After the aftermath of the doomed Omega-7, it was safe to say that SCP 076-2 was now off limits for any future 'bright' ideas. As far as the Foundation was concerned, A...
SCP - Able [Complete] Extended by sweetnothings87
SCP - Able [Complete] Extendedby Mara Brogoitti
This is the extended version of NakyNakashimmaArmy21's short story. If you want to see the original go to their profile and don't forget to follow them. This version wi...
Art book? by Aero_writes
Art book?by ΛΣЯӨ
Countryhuman art I make- not much except other strange things I'll do, like ask random questions
IRIS X ABLE/ SCP 105 X SCP 076-2 by ashystale
IRIS X ABLE/ SCP 105 X SCP 076-2by ashii owo
Iris Thompson, a SCP that is working in the SCP foundation. She is being trained by Able, another SCP that is considered quite deadly. what happens if the constant "...
SCP 077: The Fire Skull by BlackDragonBro
SCP 077: The Fire Skullby BlackDragonBro
Yes. I understand that there already is an SCP 077 but for the purpose of the story and because I don't give a shit. 077 will be replaced by this character. In the woods...
Queer by cornhusk78
Queerby Elon Musk
A depressing tale of a man struggling with self identity...
Dear readers, by Pryde7
Dear readers,by Pryde7
This is exactly what it sounds like. Basically a diary that can be freely read by anyone on Wattpad who wants to read it. Everything written here is true and it is all f...
I don't need help by Lynn_Ink
I don't need helpby Lynn
*trigger warning* mentions of homelessness, poverty, mentions of self harm, vomiting, homophobia (I do not support homophobia in any way), and eating disorders (anorexia...
Even If It Is The End Of The World  by CloversFieldOfFire
Even If It Is The End Of The World by Clover's Field Of Fire
I ship some characters a lot. I also love the crazy pervert named Doctor Jack Bright so leave the poor man alone. And the pictures and videos that I use for this story a...
Clouis (Clem/Louis) - Captured love by PhonixaHeart
Clouis (Clem/Louis) - Captured loveby Firebird Heart HOF
Go out hunting with a distracted talkative Louis and having Bandits in the area, never a good mixture. Warning: There Swearing and Blood, this has kidnapping, and injury...
mafia bendy x child reader by CarrieCarter7
mafia bendy x child readerby Carrie Carter
A child was running through the streets the reason why is because you stole from a gang. But you run in to some one no a demon
A Real Home : TTG TWD Season 4 (OC Insert)  by Redd022
A Real Home : TTG TWD Season 4 ( Big Man Garry
Clementine and AJ, two survivors who have been on the road for over a year, get in a car crash after trying to scavenge food from an old train station, only to be saved...