Men In Black Agent by saxman87
Men In Black Agentby Sax Man
you the male reader become a an agent of the MIB
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the wrong side of the bed by smutty_darkiplier
the wrong side of the bedby darks kitty
this is my first story so sorry if it sucks.OK your a famous youtuber with approximately 15million subscribers and mark falls in love with you but what happens when you...
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The Experiments - A Naruto Story [DISCONTINUED] by CardinalBeast
The Experiments - A Naruto Story [...by CardinalBeast
10726792 - 10726787 - 10726789. Just simple numbers, right? In this story these numbers represent three people. Shizuko - Kenshin - Ren. The three children all ha...
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The Demon And The Angel by JackTheFemboy
The Demon And The Angelby Jack the femboy
>~< first story on here >~<
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~*'Our Story' A FNAF 4 Story*~ by JackieShadowers
~*'Our Story' A FNAF 4 Story*~by JackieShadowers
The story of how it all began. Based off of my FNAF 4 AU. Warning: Contains Yaoi, Maybe Yuri, Violence, Depression, Suidical, Gore, Blood, Deaths, Lore, Family Loss, & e...
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