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  • The Villainess who has Reborn Five Times
    1.5M 68.2K 34

    The villainess who has reborn five times just wants to rest in peace. I am Odette, I was once an heiress who had it all, be it money, status or fiance. When my perfect stepsister appeared, I realized I was just a villain in this story. I, being the evil stepsister, was of course killed off halfway through the story...

  • The Yandere Cooks for the Villain in Each World
    942K 51.5K 131

    After joining the Villain system, the Villain was forced to do world upon world growing emotionless from the pain and suffering put upon her in each world. That is- until she met him... He cooked, he cleaned, pampering her day and night, long ago having fallen hopelessly in love with her, chasing her from world to wor...