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  • Ichor
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    [Completed] 🪶 He had no choice. He could either die on the streets or join the Chaos Army. You can imagine which option was more appealing. So Perseus "Percy" Jackson left Earth and started a new life. No one knew who he was, but they grew to know who he came to be. Percy earned respect and power as he climbed the ra...

  • Percy Jackson Protector
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    Percy Jackson Just wants a life away from adventures and suffering but the fates decide otherwise. Greeted by chaos Percy goes on a journey of a lifetime. Not ur average chaos story. Bigish plot twist at the end. Ps pester me for updates cuz otherwise, I'm highly unmotivated. Plz be kind this is my first book, BTW...

  • Not Everything Is As It Seems
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    Hi, I am Percy Jackson. I have been betrayed a couple of times. The first one was with my so-called family on my dad's side; you know like Poseidon, Zeus, Hades, Apollo and every other god and goddess Roman and Greek, along with the demigods. The second betrayal was with Chaos, the Primordials and the army of Chaos. T...