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    ❝ at first i was gonna use you, but now... i really like you. ❞ wherein jimin is being dared to get a nude picture of his best friend's little sister. ( completed )        ( highest rankings ) HIGHSCHOOL AU       #1 - ff p. jimin / bts ff         #1 - pjm © tsukiwiin 2019 cover ; suvinism character banners by ; VANiVOO

  • Roommates
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    you just graduated a college in Seoul korea.You dont have enough money to buy a house or rent so what do you do? You get a Roommate to split the cost.Read this story to see who your new roommate AND crush is in my Fanfiction called roommates😊 I hope you enjoy!

  • His Ex-Wife || 전정국
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    "You're mine! I don't care how much you hate me, but I'm taking my heir back. If you disobey me, you won't be walking for the next month!" ❅❅ It has been three years now since you've been forced to marry a person you don't love for the benefit of both your parents' companies. For three years you were forced to live un...

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    "What are you doing here?" Brother said with a deep frown on his face.Deep in my heart suddenly said, Did he already hate me? [START:22SEPT18] [STATUS:COMPLETE] [END:4SEPT19] P/s: Don't forget to put this story in your reading list Rank #455- Fanfiction [26/5/21] #307- Fanfiction [6/8/21] WARNING! I will appreciate if...

  • My Stylist Noona || jjk x reader ✔️ #Wattys2018
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    "You will be Jungkook's stylist" "Are you serious? But im not married. Do I have to get married?" "Pabo" Jungkook x Reader Highest Rank: #252 in Fan Fiction #1 in btsjungkook #1 in jeongguk #21 in jungkook

  • Stylist (Kim Taehyung ff) | #Wattys2019
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    A fangirl, Whose dream is to be a stylist of a famous idol. Any idol. Until one day, The day had come, Her very wishes came true. But the idol isn't a one heck of a normal. It was a band for the whole world. What would happened to her fantasy-like life? Started- 11/22/18 Ended- 7/31/19

  • BTS Soft Sleep Imagines [COMPLETED]
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    Soft imagines to help you fall asleep or get tired. Basically a whole book of bedtime scenario's. • I'd like to believe they get better the more recent they are. Started on: somewhere in October 2018 Finished on: 08-03-2020 ♡ See also: BTS Soft Wake Up Imagines ♡ • Yes, all the imagines are mine!! • • Requests are clo...

  • BTS preferences
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    Just BTS preferences, reactions, imagines. ~if you don't like strong language sorry but this contains some 'strong language' and mature scenes.~ [Highest Ranking] #178 in hobi #214 in gif series

  • BTS Preferences Book 2
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    This is the second book full of BTS preferences and reactions, these are my own so please don't take them without my permission. I do take request, all you need to do is message me what you would like, and I will get back to as soon as I can. The picture preferences are taken off of my Polyvore & Fashmstes so please d...

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    Does your taste suits your bias preferences? Check this out. 😍😍 ©️ Printerest

  • Smart Class Bully|| park jimin √
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    " Kim Y/N... Park Jimin will tutor you" said Ms. Jung "What?!" I exclaimed.. Park Jimin the Smartest Playboy/Bully in the School... I cant Even Believe i have Feelings for that Jerk...

  • Married To Mr. Handsome [COMPLETED]
    214K 8.5K 7

    A short, quick and fun imagine series featuring Taehyung and Y/N in a forced marriage and how they warm up to each other. Happy reading :) RANKINGS #5 in forcedrelationships #44 in btsau #50 in btstaehyung

  • My Bully《Park Jimin ff》 ✔
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    Park Jimin is your bully and you can't deal with him like you do for other bullies. You have lost your brother years ago . What will happen between you and Jimin?? Will he stop bullying you?? Is he somehow related to your brother??

  • Babysitter | j.jk
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    In which she babysits a single father's son.

  • Girlfriend Or Wife || Jimin FF
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    "You pervert!" "Arent we husband and wife now? We can do anything we want, so come here".

  • Jimin's Jealousy.. {BTS Jimin x Reader}
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    {Flashbacks from your past life and then I will move on to this ~ } You're a young woman and a kind of bad girl. You swear sometimes and you reject many guys, you want love, they want your body. You have an apartment, a cat and you work at a coffee shop. You live a normal life, but.. There's something you want really...

  • Roomies| Park Jimin x Reader
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    "What's all this noise?",he grumps I look up. No. No. Please tell me I am hallucinating. This can't be true. "YOU! What are YOU doing here?", I yell at the way too handsome boy standing in front of me. He looks at me for a few moments with a blank expression. Then his lips curl up into a smirk. Oh, how I hate that smi...

  • My Nerd |JiminxReader|
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    Your family is moving from the USA to Seoul for a change. The adventures start the first day of school when you meet your new best friend and a group of seven boys that will change your life. Jimin, the biggest nerd of the class is one of the boys, but shows you different sides of himself that you find interesting. #...

  • My Bad Boy Jimin // Bts Fanfic
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    Y/N《your name》is a young girl who accidentally spills hot food all over jimin which become 'fate'. Y/n has to repay Jimin's debt by becoming his slave for a month.. ( i wrote this in highschool & ive actually graduated from university so i cant finish this because i have no idea where this was going since i just wrote...

  • [CMPL8] BTS Random Scenarios 2
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    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I SWEAR, THE SCENARIOS HERE WERE SUPER NORMAL! REALLY, I SWEAR. 100% V-Normal. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Angel Beside Him
    2.2M 122K 49

    "Jeon Jungkook, I like you." You said, your eyes wide and cheeks on fire. You finally had the guts to tell your long time crush what you feel about him. Jungkook smiled, giving you a spark of hope and a wash of relief. Or maybe it was a false hope or just him being kind as he says, "I'm sorry but I'm already in a rela...

  • purpose | jjk
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    "So what'd you wanna talk about?" "Areum, I love you."