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  • Welcome To Demon School! Ryūko-chan & Iruma-kun [Volume III]
    4K 162 25

    The second semester of the year has arrived, now filled of greater challenges and trials of strengths and brains. Cambion Suzuki Ryūko and human sibling Suzuki Iruma are now tasked with some of the most formidable objectives to ever accomplice before their second year commences! Will they be able to once again survive...

  • Show Yourself || Jelsa Fanfiction
    144K 5.3K 35

    "Show yourself, let me see who you are" "I don't even know if you can really see me." It wasn't just a coincidence that the Winter Spirit came across Arendelle. And it wasn't just a coincidence that he passed it again a few years later. Back then he was invisible to everyone there, but due to some major changes that h...

  • Connected By Ice [Jelsa]
    139K 4.8K 33

    Jack Frost, the guardian of fun, is told to go help a young princess named Elsa. As she grows older, will their bond grow? Will they someday fall in love? Find out in Connected By Ice. All characters belong to Disney and Dreamworks.