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  • I cry (November 2020 challenge)
    741 165 34

    Congratulations to fender_bender2020, winner of our November Founder's Challenge. Additional congrats to runner ups; NehpatsEnal and lyttlejoe.

  • a collection of flash fiction
    69 20 14

    A collection of flash fiction stories.

  • Flash Fiction - 100 Word [Closed]
    3.2K 328 47

    We are back and better than ever! For our September contest, we bring you four (4) different prompts! Plus, a fan base selected winner based off of votes and reads. More details are inside Are you up for the challenge?

  • SpookTober - 100 Word Challenge [Closed]
    1.1K 261 49

    With the start of October, we wanted to do a contest to match the Spooky Season! This contest consists of 4 different prompts in a 100 word limit. Are you up for the challenge? More details inside!