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  • Stalk Her
    540K 6.2K 21

    3 teenage girls. Murdered. Allison Jepson didn't think she'd be the next victim. Caleb Marsh has been Allison's crush since kindergarten. When the notes bring the two of them closer, Allison is having a hard time being happy. When Allison gets kidnapped, the story switches to Caleb's POV and you get to follow his que...

  • The Start of Train, a 39 Clues FanFiction
    47.8K 976 22

    AU-ish. The Cahills have experienced it all and yet they are faced with another challenge. Five hundred years' worth of lies and deception is what the young generation of Cahills are trying to break. From the cunning Lucian (Ian and Natalie Kabra), the ingenious Ekat (triplets Sinead, Ted and Ned Starling), the athlet...

  • The Tables Have Turned
    8.6M 195K 41

    After having his heart broken by Hailey Tucker, the player, Alex Parker transfers to a new school as far away as possible from her. Two years later, because of one horrible incident, Hailey has to move in with the Walkers. What she didn't expect was to see Alex at her new school, in her class. But this time, the table...