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  • Strangers from Hell
    5.8K 150 6

    After Yoon Jong-Woo gets out of the hospital He thought his life would go back to normal COMPLETELY. Seo Moon-Jo was none the less still alive and waiting to make his move. Who knew that a couple more minutes in the hospital bed would be dangerous.

    Completed   Mature
  • Sharpen your knife | Hannibal
    3.1K 217 5

    In which a psychopath somehow finds herself in the body of a young empath, and revels in the addiction of feeling emotions. It only takes her two years of understanding her new abilities, and someone shortening her name in passing, to understand that she somehow became the female version of one Will Graham. Unfortuna...

  • 𝐁𝐈𝐑𝐃𝐒 𝐃𝐎𝐍𝐓 𝐒𝐈𝐍𝐆 HIATUS {𝐜𝐡𝐮𝐜𝐤 𝐛𝐚𝐬𝐬, 𝐠𝐨𝐬𝐬𝐢𝐩 𝐠𝐢𝐫𝐥}
    2.4K 110 6

    ☆:**:. 𝗕𝗢𝗥𝗡 to a famous rockstar and multimillionaire supermodel, new girl lolette "suki" aoki fits right in with the elites of the upper east side, with a life worthy of being analysed by the infamous gossip girl. xoxo, gossip girl! rankings #1 of devonaoki 02/12/23 #2 in blair 11/12/23

  • 𝖆𝖕𝖆𝖙𝖍𝖊𝖙𝖎𝖈 • 𝖘𝖈𝖗𝖊𝖆𝖒
    172K 5K 12

    𝐚𝐩𝐚𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐭𝐢𝐜 / (ˌæpəˈθɛtɪk) / -------- ☾ .* • + 🫧🎭🪄 .* • + ☽ 𝘢𝘥𝘫𝘦𝘤𝘵𝘪𝘷𝘦 ¹ 𝐡𝐚𝐯𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐨𝐫 𝐬𝐡𝐨𝐰𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐥𝐢𝐭𝐭𝐥𝐞 𝐨𝐫 𝐧𝐨 𝐞𝐦𝐨𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧; 𝐢𝐧𝐝𝐢𝐟𝐟𝐞𝐫𝐞𝐧𝐭. ᵒʳ 𝐢𝐧 𝐰𝐡𝐢𝐜𝐡, 𝐫𝐨𝐬𝐞 𝐧𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭𝐰𝐨𝐨𝐝 𝐤𝐧𝐨𝐰𝐬 𝐞𝐱𝐚𝐜𝐭𝐥𝐲 𝐰𝐡𝐚𝐭'𝐬 𝐠𝐨𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐨𝐧 𝐢𝐧 𝐰𝐨𝐨�...

  • Bad Moon
    69.9K 1.5K 35

    Edward leaves his boyfriend, Benjamin Swan, of a year and half after he's put in danger by Jasper at his birthday party. As a result, Benjamin gets angry and falls back on old habits. He withdrawals himself from family and friends. He makes friends with the wrong people and starts selling drugs and fighting again. Ben...

  • Kid?
    242K 6.5K 15

    For the first time in a long time, Peter hurts himself. He's sure he can keep it to himself, and he's sure that he can deal with it on his own. But can he? ||Depressed Peter Parker Fic|| TW: self harm, suicidality

    Completed   Mature
  • Adopted by Sherlock
    2K 58 7

    i realised i couldn't find a single story where Sherlock adopts Peter Parker so i'm doing it 👍. Peter is still spider-man and is still really smart. He has his AI in his suit, he made, and anything else i add in. enjoy xx

  • The Original Demi Wolf
    392K 12.9K 29

    This is similar to my other story: The Wolf Avenger Percy Jackson was seven when his mother was murdered and he was chased into Mystic Falls woods by Gabe Ugliano. From there he ran into a group of silver clad girls who had bows and arrows. But they didn't scare him. Not really. What scared him was the monster fol...

  • Marvel x Harry Potter reacts (On Hold)
    430K 9.8K 53

    There are literally no stories like this, so I decided to make one... On Halloween, 1981, James and Lily survived but 2 of their kids didn't. Those two were, Irish Lily Potter, who was Harry's older sister and Andrew Fleamont Potter, who was Harry's younger brother so he was only 1 month old when he was taken away. A...

  • HER
    95.5K 4K 11

    "why her?" In which a girl who was obsessed with Teen Wolf dies and gets Reborn as 𝙷𝙴𝚁. Si-Allison x multi **There will be warnings at the beginning of the chapter** -updates every other week

  • Alina Stella Artemis Lilith Potter | Watching the Movies {ON HOLD TILL 2027}
    68.7K 1.4K 20

    28/03/2023 I'M TAKING A BREAK FROM THIS BOOK AS I HAVE TO FOCUS ON MY STUDIES. SO NO UPDATES FOR 6-7 YEARS. DO NOT COMMENT/PM ME TO UPDATE. I WILL DO IT AFTER MY BREAK IS OVER. ___________________________________________ Like her name, she also has two personalities. But one of them was hidden from everyone(except one...

  • Mine
    509K 11.5K 47

    Harry Potter hadn't felt emotion in his life until he met him. This is a drarry story and it is my AU ⚠️warnings⚠️ smut in later chapters 12+ Drarry/Harco Gay af Cover is not mine!!!! Most all of the characters in my story are not mine (unlike Draco is to Harry) they all belong to JK Rowling. There is no schedule...

  • Character's Watching Supernatural [ Clips,Photos and Videos ]
    42.8K 731 11

    Characters of Supernatural watch Clips,Photos and Videos of their lives and their actors. Open to suggestions 👍😋 I do not own Supernatural if for some reason you were unclear on that which i doubt anyone would be but you know. This is my first story so constructive criticism would be helpful😊 I miss this show so mu...

  • Red Ledger (The Winter Spider)
    73K 1.5K 23

    What will happen to fifteen year old Peter Parker after he gets kidnapped by hydra after they killed his Aunt? Guess you will have to read to find out. Obviously, characters aren't mine. Later on there are some OCs though -NEW COVER ART IDK WHO THE ARTIST IS- -UNFINISHED AND DISCONTINUED-

  • Mikaelson Twins • TO/TW DISCONTINUED
    355K 3.7K 19

    What if Klaus had twins who were more powerful than Hope This is the story of the Mikaelson Twins

    8.4K 257 4

    "HE SAVED ME, PIETRO SAVED ME" In which Lydia Martin meets a boy in Eichen House who can move as fast as lighting and the speed of force itself. • Teen Wolf x Marvel • Season 5B • Plot by -burberrys • Cover by endoftori

  • Beware // Beware
    33.8K 1.2K 8

    Edward Cullen, the Loner. Bella Swan, the Human. Kai Parker, the Psychopath. ★★★ A wolf in sheep's clothing is more than a warning.... (Summary inside)

    1.8M 50.4K 35

    UMBRA ❪ season one ❫ // the darkest part of a shadow COMPLETE five hargreeves x fem!reader written by funkyenderboy

  • Watching The MCU
    6K 60 2

    OK so... I just finished watching Endgame, and I thought why not make the whole MCU watch their past, present, and future. for those of you who haven't seen Endgame or any other Marvel movie, GO BACK FROM ONCE YOU CAME! Rated PG 13 and T

  • You belong to me
    67.3K 1.1K 10

    Peter Parker was an average man until Tony Stark decided that he belonged to him.

  • Homeless: Peter Parker 🕷🕸
    37.9K 980 4

    Peter Parker aka Spider-Man is a homeless 14 year old teen. He's been living on the streets for about a year because his only family member left, Aunt May, was tragically killed by The Green Goblin. Now he's on his own trying to live off of $5 and crime fighting as Spider-Man. Will the Avengers play a part in Peters l...

  • Field Trips Prove Everything
    162K 3.9K 12

    Peter and Ned have to suffer just a little bit when their school gets a trip to Avengers Tower. I don't own the picture used as the cover!!!

  • Meet the Family
    195K 4.5K 13

    Peter, MJ, and Ned are going on a field trip to Avengers Tower/Stark Industries! Yay. Note my sarcasm. How will they cope with their weird family trying to embarrass them. I don't own anything. I did edit the cover, but I don't own the pictures. Also, Pietro is alive! MJ is training to be the next Black Widow. May h...

  • Peter Parker and The Avengers || ✓
    688K 20.5K 68

    You know the drill P.S: Sorry for the grammatical errors. English is not my first language.

  • Proof at Stark Tower
    377K 9.7K 12

    Peter Parker's class is taking a Surprise Field Trip to a place that's awfully familiar to the teen. Will he finally be able to prove to his school that his "internship" is real? What will Peter do when his superfamilies only mission is to embarrass him? I totally FELL IN LOVE with this field trip prompt. Please enjoy!

  • 𝗰𝗮𝗹𝗹𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝗵𝗼𝗺𝗲: 𝗮 𝘄𝗿𝗼𝗻𝗴 𝗻𝘂𝗺𝗯𝗲𝗿 𝘀𝘁𝗼𝗿𝘆
    344K 11.4K 26

    Peter Parker was alone. He never expected to find a home, much less a family after May's passing. He made a promise to himself to never become attached to someone, lest he lose them. When he accidentally texts Tony Stark, will he be able to keep that promise? Tony Stark was lonely. He was a billionaire, philanthropist...

  • You Can Let Go Now Daddy
    739K 25.7K 37

    After finding out 5 year old Peter Parker has been alone and abused most of his life, Tony Stark takes it upon himself to be the best parent the kid has ever had. Luckily there's no competition because parenting is harder than it looks. Featuring 5 year old Peter Parker, Dad Tony Stark, Mom Pepper Potts, Uncle Happy H...

  • Of Numbers and Strange Friendships
    2M 94K 80

    Loki and Peter Parker somehow forge a friendship after one flippant comment. No one on the team quite understands how it happened. But it seems to do the god some good to have Peter as a friend. Original prompt:

  • home ; peter parker
    478K 15.4K 28

    A story about Peter Parker and his abusive aunt, and how Tony Stark shows him how to fight his demons. *** summary; Peter Parker's aunt, May Parker, has only ever known darkness. Despite living in an abusive household, Peter still remains hopeful in such a tormenting world, maintaining the belief that people a...

  • Suck It Up (Peter Parker/Irondad)
    102K 3.2K 16

    After losing his parents at a young age, he is taken into his abusive aunt's household where he is blamed for his uncle's and parents' passing. Not to mention his school life, where it is deemed impossible to gain respect from people that aren't Ned and MJ. Other than his late-night patrols and his only friends, he ha...