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  • or what, sir? |a. hotchner| ✔️
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    "You can't speak to me like that" Aaron warned. I raised both my eyebrows and a small smirk appeared on my face. "Or what, sir? You'll slam me against a wall?" I taunted. [ hotch x oc ] season 4 - |NOMINATED FOR WATTY'S 2021| |#1 in aaron| - october 23 , february 27th |#1 in criminalminds| - december 15 |#1 in bau|...

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  • Into the Fire
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    You're an FBI agent working for the BAU. After an encounter in New York, you begin to catch feelings for your boss Aaron Hotchner. However, as the story progresses, you also find yourself feeling things for your best friend, Spencer Reid.... *THERE WILL BE SMUT IN THIS BOOK* (This is my first ever fic so I apologise f...