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  • jarchie oneshots
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    just a bunch of jarchie oneshots *suggestions accepted*

  • Nameless ≫ Jarchie
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    R E A D ▶︎ I N T R O D U C T I O N "How did you know it was me you needed to show around?" "My dad said to look for a good looking boy with bold green eyes and black floppy hair." "So you think I'm good looking." He said. Archie stared at him for a split second, his mouth turning up into a slight smirk before letti...

  • Aberration ≫ Jarchie
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    C O M I N G ▶︎ O F ▶︎ A G E Archie Andrews and Jughead Jones have been friends since they were four. Coming of age story where somewhere down the line, Jughead and Archie both happen to catch feelings for each other that they can't suppress. Will they manage to get through friends, family problems, breakups, and schoo...

  • eyeliner. || jarchie
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    "You look hot with eyeliner on. But like no homo, bro." "Hey, Arch?" "Yeah, Jug?" "I think you mean all the homo, baby boy."

  • When I Looked Into Your Eyes (Jughead X Archie) (Jarchie)
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    Jarchie fluff that needs to happen already. Set during summer break because it's easier to write it that way.

  • Simple | Jarchie fanfic
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    Jughead Jones a typical outsider on the outside he looks perfectly normal but on the inside he hides one secret, He's gay and falling for his best friend, Archie Andrews.

  • Alphabet ≫ Jarchie
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    A one shot for every letter of the alphabet. succeeding one shots are not related to preceding ones. Updates twice a week :)

  • Treehouse ≫ Jarchie
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    O N E Y E A R A G E ▶︎ G A P "Meet me in the treehouse." "What time?" "How about 11:57?" "Why 11:57?" "Because you'll remember the time better." "But-" "Jughead, just meet me there." *** Jughead and Archie were neighbors, but they were never particularly close until one summer. A one time visit to the old treehouse...

  • My Everything ~ Jarchie
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    Will Archie return Jughead's feelings? Can Archie be able to get Jughead to trust him and save Jughead from his demons in his mind? Will both survive, will they stay together? Finished: Jan. 7, 2019. Language, Depression, Self Harm. Top Tags: #1 Jarchie 7/16/19 #2 Beronica

    Completed   Mature