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  • Uglydolls-Lou x oc "foes to friends and more"
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    Hey guys, this is my very first story that I've ever wrote, cause I'm more of an artist then a writer. So this is the story about my favorite movie Uglydolls. But I'm warning you that my vocabulary in english is not that well yet and this is my first time actually writing a story, so don't judge me. It will mean so mu...

  • Uglydolls(Lou x OC)
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    Something random.

  • HeartFelt -Lou x OC (Uglydolls Fanfiction)
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    Cassie was perfect, beautiful with bright blonde hair and piercing emerald green eyes. So why....did he do this to her? Follow the story of Cassandra, a doll who was perfectly pretty, and pretty perfect! She even caught the eye of the most perfect doll Lou, her life was perfect. Well at least it was. Now all she wants...

  • A Heart for Two Dolls (UglyDolls Lou Love Story)
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    Dawn, a newcomer perfect doll moves in to live at UglyVile at first and became friends with Moxy and the gang. When they all went to Institute of Perfection, they met Lou and the perfect doll and love comes in between Low and Dawn, but Lou wants to get rid of the UglyDolls.

  • Uglydolls (Lou X OC)
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    I wanted to do a story based on the Uglydolls movie