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  • Bad lust - JENLISA
    2.1M 63.9K 45

    As a senior literature student, Jennie Kim was the girl everyone should know. She is sexy, beautiful, charismatic and almost perfect. Indeed, she was far from being the hard-working student but she always got away with it every year. And this year, it's not an exception for her, especially with the new professor, Lisa...

    Completed   Mature
    197K 8.7K 18

    "Everyone has to die one day. No one can outdo death and no one can cheat death. There are only few who are capable of it. They are lucky and blessed with miracle for they can be with the person they love, even if it is for a short period of time." Jennie smiled as she read the quotation. It made her feel sad because...

  • Femme fatale - JENLISA
    870K 37.5K 49

    Femme fatale [noun] : a woman who is very attractive in a mysterious way, usually leading men into danger or causing their destruction Fierce, smart and sexy, Jennie uses men to support herself. She has the ability to attract any man who would find himself in her way. With a simple look and a seductive smile, her vict...

    Completed   Mature
  • Realize (COMPLETED)
    472K 16.1K 42

    What happens when widowed Lalisa Manoban and pregnant prostitute Jennie Kim cross paths? She kidnaps her, with good intentions of course. Will Lisa help Jennie realize she's worthy of happiness, or did they find each other too late? Jenlisa Angst Lisa G!P

    Completed   Mature
  • Gods and Demon Assassins [JENLISA G!P]
    613K 28.9K 51

    Jennie Kim, the daughter of the most strongest God who will run away from Mt. Olympus just to escape from everything and she'll live as a normal college student. She will fall in love with the sinner, Lisa Manoban, but neither of them knows the secrets between them. One must to die and one must to live. JENLISA Fanfic...

    Completed   Mature
    25.6K 1K 4

    A bit of sweetness in the spicy love added by a touch of joy, laugh but also sadness... Welcome to JenLisa's collection.

    588K 19.8K 65

    LISA G!P Jennie believes bad luck is always on her side until she realised her bad luck was actually a blessing in disguise.

    Completed   Mature
  • What Happened To Jennie Kim? // JENLISA
    563K 18.8K 59

    LISA G!P Lisa goes to extreme measures to find out why Jennie is always sad. TRIGGER WARNING: talks of suicide , assault and more. [All characters are falsely portrayed in this compared to real life , this is just a story. Do not get offended] [COMPLETED]

    Completed   Mature
  • Too late to say I love you - JENLISA
    178K 7.7K 11

    Don't wait until the day she leaves you... Inspired by a song.

  • My visit to South Korea // JENLISA
    709K 21.2K 48

    LISA G!P Lisa falls in love with a poor girl from the village named Jennie Kim. [COMPLETED]

    Completed   Mature
  • My Sugar Daddy - JENLISA
    3.7M 85.3K 67

    Jennie Kim, a law student, struggles every day to support herself. Unlike other young people of her age, she never goes out to clubs and therefore never drinks until the morning. Instead, she works every day after school without complaint. But how her life will change when someone makes an offer to her: Nice to meet y...

    Completed   Mature
    496K 16.7K 13

    "Starting from today, Lisa is mine, so I guess I made it clear that nobody tortures her except me." That's what Jennie Kim, the badass popular bitch said to the crowd. ---- This story is completed and I had wrote it in asianfanfics but thought of sharing in wattpad too so here it is. Please vote, comment and enjoy it...

  • My Sweet Devil - JENLISA
    2M 64.1K 62

    Ruby Jane is a sexy, confident and smart woman who is always trying to experience new things. One day she met Lisa and immediately felt attracted to her but... Lisa is married and she has a child with her wife, Yaya. Will it stop Ruby Jane from playing this dangerous game? Will Lisa let herself attempt by this dange...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Beginning of the End - Jenlisa
    1.2M 62.2K 81

    !WARNING! [READ THE DESCRIPTIONS!!!!!] Mature Content, Family Issues, LIGHT G!P content (Intersex) JenLisa as a married couple ROMANCE/DRAMA What will happen if the marriage they sweetly fought comes to an end... ...And a pretty surprise came along that will change their lives forever. What will happen now?

    Completed   Mature
  • Heal me - JENLISA
    76.9K 3.9K 8

    In life, there are lucky people like being loved by everyone and there are less lucky people like Lisa. Despite her appearance, she carries a heavy past on her shoulders and only one person was able to deliver her. But will she be able to get a happy ending like the others? SHORT STORY G!P

    Completed   Mature
  • My Sweet Psycho | Jenlisa G!P
    2.1M 69.9K 60

    NOTE: BOOK 1 & 2 ARE MERGED FOR CONVENIENCE BOOK 1 [COMPLETE]: She's sweet, but a psycho. Hot, but a psycho. And that Psycho was loved, and wanted by everyone. But little did I freaking know that I was the one she wants. She needs. She loves. Only me. Her name is Jennie Ruby Jane Kim, and she turns my world upside d...

    Completed   Mature