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  • Marinette Quinn
    193K 3.9K 28

    Read at your own risk...very cringey. What if Joker and Harley Quinn had a kid? Would they be a little ray of sunshine? Or would they act like their parents? Marinette Quinn was the daughter of the Joker and Harley Quinn. Read to see if her life gets turned upside down thanks to a certain lier. Who will be on Marinett...

  • Big Brother Kanchan (Todofemdeku)
    58.3K 1.1K 10

    Izuku is Katski's little sister and Todoroki likes Izuku and jiro does tobut Katski's is overprotective of Izukuwho will she end up with? Find out!

  • Reborn into the darkness
    57K 865 33

    Deku dies by a villain saving his friends but gets reborn and raised by the villains that killed him, until they get captured. Disclaimer: I do not own mha including the characters nor any pictures and photos used. *up for adoption*/ * discontinue*

  • The Deadly Seven (On hold
    23.6K 427 9

    Prince Bakugo and Princess Momo are on the run from the Holy Knights. King All Might has asked them to find the strongest group know to man " The Seven Deadly Sins" in order to save their father and the whole kingdom Will they be able to find the Sins and save their Kingdom Will they fall in love? Will they know...

  • Drarry OneShots
    19.2K 230 5

    In this fic, Harry James Potter Isn't really a guy. She's a girl. This fanfic is some one to three shot book There are a few names that the FEM harry is gonna use. : Mavis, Lilith/Lily, Harriet or Dawn. I'm on a temporary discontinue cause I can't think. DISCLAIMER : I DO NOT THE CHARACTERS OR PLACES IN THIS BOOK BUU...