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  • Watching My Hero Academia
    210K 2.9K 17

    When the students and teachers of U.A. are transported to a mysterious theater, they are given the chance to watch their lives play out. Acceptance means all secrets will be revealed. But knowledge can alter the course of their lives. --- Of course, all characters are Kohei Horikoshi's. *No longer be updated. New ver...

  • Why is it so dark? (blind! deku au)
    49.7K 1.8K 27

    ~based off of a pinterest post~ ~I don't own the cover art~ Izuku Midoriya had been a perfectly healthy and happy student at U.A academy.... that is until his world turned dark. Can he still fulfill his dream and become a hero? What problems will it create for him? (Upload schedule not confirmed yet or ever)

  • Mistreated-20% (completed)
    33.9K 991 7

    Villain Deku my hero academia. Midoriya/Deku finds out he has no quirk, he's one of 20% of the population, he's hurt but still has hope, until he meets Allmight his hero. Who shuts his hopes and dreams down as soon as he gets any. Then he becomes partially insane from the whole shut down and finds a quirk elsewhere...

  • The Dekuverse(HIATUS)
    61.8K 769 11

    What are the characters reaction to see different versions of Izuku? Read to find out! (request open)

  • The End of U.A
    13.1K 273 11

    Deku was taken by All for One he lost all memories and lost one for all. It was replace with "Hack-n-Slash" it gives him a major increase in speed, strength, and intelligence.

  • BNHA and The Multiverse Theater!
    85.8K 823 21

    What happens when the cast of BNHA watch some multiverses of theirselves in the Multiverse Theater, hosted by pretty much the reincarnation of Mew. Cross-posted in AO3 by the user jubichee. (MHA belongs to Horikoshi. Pokémon belongs to Nintendo. Musicals, songs, shows, etc. belong to the companies that own them. Dory...

  • Bnha reacts to random stuff about them
    55.9K 623 10

    Class 1A and others have been capture to watch stuff from other universes, memes, ships, tiktok, skits, that have been made of them. What will there reaction be? Guess you find out. This is my first book, idk if im gonna update it a lot, maybe if it becomes popular i will. This is mainly for fun. Im sorry if i have gr...

  • No Road Back Home ( A Villain Rehab AU )
    57.6K 1.8K 25

    They all had been left behind or ran away, all for different reasons. Then they found new people to call family. Closer than ever Deku, Dabi, Toga and Shigaraki are torn apart from their family and home by the so called "heroes" and is forced to attended UA, a hero school. Will they accept this and try to make peace...

  • KomaHina Lemons
    655K 8.8K 45

    KomaHina Lemons. KomaHina is one of my favorite ships of allllll time. Enjoy some lemons. I am also not the best at writing and there will be mistakes that I miss so do not mind them. Requests are being taken. Also the artwork is not mine- credit to all of the artists, I only edited the cover~ {Best Ranks} •#3 in ga...

  • Vigilante Okami (Izuku Midoriya)
    22K 701 21

    When will it end? I want it to stop. I don't want to live here anymore... Wait. . . But don't I deserve it? They said I could be strong like the others I dont want to be like them. I never wanted to be like them... But now I am. Mom and dad were right I will never be able to be a hero. ...I will be better...

  • Please, No Formalities (On Hiatus)
    133K 3.9K 16

    "Izuku Midoriya, it's a pleasure, and please no formalites!" DISCLAIMER All characters belong to Horikoshi ALSO All art belongs to respected artists NOT MINE credit to any art I use!

  • Scratches [Kageyama x Hinata] (KageHina)
    300K 8K 12

    Tobio Kageyama isn't alone now. But with the current flow of things, he's not so sure anymore and gets insecure. Given the situation, Shouyo Hinata has worse conditions; scared of losing his beloved 'King', he ends up going crazier and crazier by the day. *College AU *Alpha / Beta / Omega Verse

  • {𝚃𝚑𝚎 𝚕𝚒𝚝𝚝𝚕𝚎 𝚊𝚜𝚜𝚊𝚜𝚒𝚗}
    5.7K 228 7

    This is a haikyuu hinata harem mafia AU where all the the teams are not volleyball teams but are involved in differant mafias but the best is the crows also known as the black shadows to make it less obvious dachi is the boss of the black shadows mafia bokuto is the boss of the owls or the white deaths mafia while kur...

  • The Secret Of Hinata(Haikyuu crossover Assassination Classroom)
    79.9K 1.6K 16

    (Quick warning this will have some mature content so please do not read of h are uncomfortable and please believe me when i say mature) Hinata Shouyo was just 14, and One day away from being 15 when he got shot, by a sniper hiding in a tree at school. Hinata was a member of Class 3-E also known as E.N.D class. He was...

  • Inconceivable Explorations
    54.9K 741 12

    Basically I think of or find a multiverse and then show it to the bnha crew. Takes place after internships and before training camp. Spoilers probably inside. Basically I take characters and I make them react to different versions of themselves. Updates may vary. [previously named "Of the Multiverse" which I didn't li...

  • ЩΉ0ЯΣ [𝐁𝐍𝐇𝐀]
    5K 122 6

    JAJA okay so you guys know that one fanfic that got deleted? Well I'm going to be rewriting it, with permission of course. Though it's been so long since I read it, I'll try and get it all down. Deku is a whore and I think you've all read it before, so we know where this is going. You can request ships on my messag...

  • Moon, Protector Of The Dark (Vigilante! Deku)
    181K 8.5K 59

    (Currently being rewritten! It may not make sense at some points because of that!) Midoriya. A surname known all throughout Japan -the world even. The family were known to be kind, giving, true heroes. Little did the world know, they were similar to heroes. They were vigilantes. One night, the family gathered at the...

  • Adventures In Alternate Universes | Dekuverse |
    28.1K 281 7

    Join various characters in the BNHA universe as they explore alternate realities of their favorite cinnamon roll! Requests are open, you can request on the appropriately named request page. I will try to take at least one request for every chapter. This does not mean that the request will be the immediate next chapter...

  • Protector of the forest (Naruto Fanfiction)
    189K 7K 9

    Just outside the border of Konoha was a forest were a boy of 12 lived. He is the protector of the forest, he lives there with all the animals and foxes as well as his guardian, the kyuubi. One day team 7 goes in that forest on a mission and met with the little fox boy called Naruto. What will happen now? Will team 7 g...

  • When Angels Fall
    55.3K 1.6K 14

    "I didn't make a mask to hide that i'm broken, I made one to hide the fact that your the ones who broke me" Never abuse someone's kindness, remember, behind every angel; a demon hides. Naruto was a lonely boy who was slowly falling apart, a fragment of himself falling from each and every day he awakens. When an old t...

  • Your Rain, My World BNHA (BakuDeku)
    72.2K 2.3K 14

    In Bakugou's Kingdom (Sun Kingdom) sunshine is part of citizens everday life. And rain is something they never experienced... However somewhere far away in the east, a laned called the Rain Forest Kingdom (Rain Kingdom In short), their weather is reversed, and everybody who was born and had given special training has...

  • We'll work it out! (Todobakudeku)
    203K 4.2K 22

    Read it and stop trying to make me spoil it! All I'll say is that Deku is an omega going through his heat, and Todoroki and Katsuki are hungry😈

  • || Who Am I To Play Hero? || •TodoBakuDeku• [DISCONTINUED]
    57.1K 2K 27

    "What do you mean you can't find him?!" Inko Midoriya screamed at the tall detective as he cowered from the sudden raise in volume. "I'm sorry ma'am, but we are unable to collect evidences on where your son has been." The detective looked down and stared at the welcome mat that had been placed on front of the Midoriya...

  • The Blind Genius
    247K 9.4K 15

    Born blind, everyone expects Naruto to not be worth much of anything. Though he isn't going to let his disability to get in The way of his goals. Naruto is set on showing the village just how wrong they are about him .

  • The Crimson Fox
    403K 11.1K 23

    "Kitsune" A.K.A Naruto, the greatest leader the ANBU has ever seen, is graceful, silent, and DEADLY, disposing of his enemies in mere seconds. He has killed thousands of enemies in a giant spray of blood, earning the nickname, "The Crimson Fox". Only the ANBU and the Samdaime Hokage know his true identity. One day th...

  • Love for Senpai ( KiriDeku )
    13.3K 570 8

    WARNING : Yandere characters. Izuku likes his senpai a bit too much.

  • My boss is my ex
    6.8K 132 8

    Ok so I was thinking about doing a sad love drama love story! And this is gay! Bakugo katsuki. He's rich and would be the next owner of his family's company. He's been married to Izuku midoriya for three years until they decided to do it. Izuku was able to give birth due to some unknown reason. Bakugo has too much wo...

  • Engaged to the Bad Boy || BakuDeku au ||
    673 20 2

    Izuku Midoriya, is one of the members of the Phantomfive , which a group of Elite Student Leaders in a known prestigious school. Izuku was living the perfect life, he had the wealth, good friends and a happy family. Atleast that is what he thought until a visitor came in to their house and changed his life FOREVER!

  • Who Am I? Oh I'm The Bad Guy~
    481 20 1

    After Kacchan has taken Deku to his limit and Deku one day doesn't show up on a school day in UA....where did he go? A month later after Deku has vanished, the students go to public training dealing with actual villains in public....what will they do when they seel Deku.... Deku a part of the league of villains

  • Caught in an endless game (Bakudeku | Fantasy AU) [!!DISCONTINUED!!]
    3.1K 74 6

    On a Sunday evening a boy named Izuku Midoriya got a game from his grandparents for two.He invited his closest 'friend' named Katsuki Bakugou to his house to come and play the game with him. Read what happens next... !!DISCONTINUED!! @Webuuuu is continuing this story so please check her out :))