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  • Big Happy Family
    1.6K 97 8

    Shigaraki and Dabi were on one of their weekly dates when they heard crying and begging from an alley way. That's when they saw a small boy being burned by his 'father'. Shigadabi! Villain Deku

  • Jayus
    21.5K 948 20

    Denki Kaminari was young when his mother was shot by a villain and he had first used his quirk. Now he was 16 and property of the hero commission with no connection to the world. Due to a new development he's sent to U.A. to complete a year as a second year student before he's sent off to be a pro.

  • I Hate It Here
    19.1K 1.1K 18

    Just a story about how UA tries to reform the league. Keyword: Tries Includes villain Shinsou!

  • Overprotective (Bakudeku mafia au)
    709K 17K 27

    Midoriya gets sold by his gambling addicted mother, Inko, to a VERY powerful and VERY angry mafia leader who seems to have a soft spot for Midoriya. *No quirks* *Mafia AU* #1- Mafia au- 4/20/20

  • Arcane
    144K 5.6K 27

    Todoroki was the cold king of the school. Bakugo was a new, angry transfer. How did these 2 end up entangling their fates? #1 Todobaku 07/22/20

  • Why Me?
    368K 10.8K 16

    Au where Deku's father was abusive until he left him and his mother Inko when Deku was 13. Inko became an alcoholic and was a severely homophobic mother to the point where she would beat Deku for hours when she felt like it. Aizawa starts noticing that his freckled student kept on coming to school with more and more...

  • Pikachu
    154K 5.8K 30

    Soulmate Au where whenever you or your soulmate gets hurt a mark appears on the spot where your soulmate was harmed, you both share the same mark and the mark disappears as the wound heals Kaminari has a troubled life outside of school and is constanot self harming What happens when his soulmate, Bakugou finds out? #1...

  • BNHA One-shots
    70.5K 1.6K 25

    WELCOME to multishipper heaven, I made this book since not alot of people do rareships, sooo I decided to do a oneshot book FULL of them, I take requests but I don't do smut, sorry ;-;

  • B R E A T H E
    103K 3.5K 17

    Everything was fine. Until.. It wasn't. (They moved into the dorms at the beginning of the school year) (Trigger warnings, for bullying, suicide, ect.. So read with caution) (Tododeku :>)