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  • New and Strange (Alastor x Angel Dust)
    326K 9.6K 21

    Alastor has always had trouble with emotions. Since Alastor has moved to the Hazbin Hotel, he's felt all of these new and strange emotions he doesn't understand, and he always seems to feel them whenever Angel Dust is around, or whenever Angel Dust crosses Alastor's thoughts. When seeking advice from multiple friends...

  • The radio demon's Angel.
    165K 6.3K 79

    Humans have always been predictable and Alastor knew that. They would always fear him and run away which he loved, however when he is summoned by a human who refuses to cower in fear at the sight of the radio demon well....How can he let such an interesting toy go? What happens when a human make a deal with the rad...

    Completed   Mature
  • Soul Bound
    18.1K 762 17

    Every person is born with someone that will be perfect for them, their second half, their soulmate. Someone that shared a special connection to them that no other person will experience, one of their five senses will be linked to their soulmate and the moment they meet it will be an irrefutable feeling for both indivi...

    Completed   Mature