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  • Joining The Enemy
    1.8K 69 12

    Toby has voices in his head that are from Zalgo. Zalgo is aiming for him because he is the only one he knows how to communicate with. He also knows what Toby is doing and where he is. He was treated like a piece of shit and decides to join Zalgo. Will the creepy pastas figure out how to get Toby back and to care for h...

  • A Wolf in Disguise
    132 24 8

    Ten-year-old Charlotte is not normal at all. First, she's born a wolf, and she's being abused because of that. Second, she had just escaped from a lab that uses wolves as test subjects. Now she's in a school with all humans, and she thinks she's the only one that's non-human. But what happens if the bad people find ou...

  • He Cares (BillDip)
    3.5K 186 11

    Mabitch, BillDip, Just Monika, Abuse and Depressed Dipper. If you don't like any of those following, feel free to click out! ❤️❤️❤️

  • What Is Life (Depressed Sans)
    2.5K 126 9

    By the way, Gaster is his and Pap's dad in this AU. Sans is being abused and he's depressed. Will he find a way to find true happiness? Or will his life always will be a fake smile, creepy puns... He might not even have a life at the end. Read this story to find out..

  • Watty Award 2020 {CLOSE}✋
    9K 808 24

    Watty Award 2020~✋ { 🤝 } { ✋ } OPEN ~ CLOSE Aspiring Writer and also for Reader's