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  • HorrorDust
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    Just some HorrorDust stuff sin warning fluff lemon and all that crap. I will most likely forget about this so I'm sorry about that. I only type one page at a time so don't judge.

  • Will Love Conquer all? (a bill x error 404 story)
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    Art by productionroxy! edited bye: Me! when bill and error 404 first met they became friends but they didn't know they had feelings for each other but bill has a dark secret that hasn't been shown or known yet but will they tell they feelings for each other? will 404 know about bill's dark secret? if you want to find...

  • The Story of a Reaper
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    When made by his father, the god of death, he didn't know his purpose. All he could do was kill things on accident...he didn't mean to kill them, he just wanted a friend. When the people and monsters of the town banished him in the forest, he started to live there, experiencing different things and different forms of...

  • ColorEpic and Killermare one-shots and ideas
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    Just some one-shots Also some Ideas I might have for stories. Don't hate on me. Don't like don't read I will not do lemons, sins, limes, and smut. Angst and fluff is alowed. Edit: hahaha, it me Edit timebomb, how r u? •w• So um requests are open! There is a list in the new request page of the one shots that have been...

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    Ya'll request me. ;3 Lemon,lime fluff, or angst ur choice As long as its killmare or epiccolor you guys can also request some side ships like errorink,cream,dustberry,horrorlust,kustard, and outersci Have a great day ;3 And Pls. No hate. Comments. I suck at writing and i already know it. I just write bcuz im bored.

  • Crossmare meets dreamswap
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    The rewrite you want The rewrite you get

  • "New Empire"
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    Rike McTaco Studios present... Empireverse X Reader Based Story... Two Empires...fighting for their safety...the moon empire,the negative one...the ones who bring WAR to the empire.Empire of the sun...the positive one...the one who protects their kingdom...the one who disagrees to hes older brother.These...

  • Sanscest lemon/fluff
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    oh it appears you wanna read this story? Well this will contain a whole lotta sins and fluff so yeah, sorry if I don't post for a while I just have this thing called life. Yeah it sucks. I'll be taking ships as sin or fluff whichever I'd see the ship as so yeah.. hope you enjoy the book..? Also huge warning... I post...

  • Empireverse Cream Fanfiction (Discontinued)
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    This will probably be trash but feel free to read it anyways- might be some lemon- I've never wrote it before but there might be some- ships ------ cream nightkiller errorink afterdeath dustberry and more- -----------

  • TAG HERE AND DRAWING!!!( and My Life TwT)
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    i dont know what to wright here TwT just have fun!

  • Empireverse (the empires) (DISCONTINUED)
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    im sorry for making this story im so sorry well this is the story: when dream found out that there are more than two empires they had an adventure to find the missing empires bc they where effected by the war of the moon and sun empire war so the empires went to separate ways