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  • Addicted
    50.6K 1.5K 27

    From sex friends to something more, who knows🤷‍♀️

  • Trip to the Past (Hope Mikaelson)
    24.8K 635 8

    (On Hold) Where a monster offers Hope a deal. She can go back to the past and change the story. What will Hope change and how is it going to change her? Basically Hope Mikaelson messing with the timeline we all know. ⚠️Disclaimer⚠️ [I do not own this characters, I do not own TVD, TO or legacies, this is all a fanfic]

  • Dear Bullies
    46.1K 1.2K 30

    Josie is the bookworm and not so popular. She became the taget of bullying. So what happens when moves away and then appears after a few years. Will she be able to forgive them? Will she be able to love again? Will she be able to find peace? Also I don't know french so all the translations comes from Google Hope GP...

    Completed   Mature
  • Wanted kiss
    61K 2.4K 40

    Hope's a player and she's trying to change her ways but she can't just seem to fall out of her bad habits. Her best friend (Lizzie) and her promised to help each other out through out hopes last year of high school but that only leads Hope to spend a lot of time at Lizzie's house, causing Josette and Hope to bump head...

    Completed   Mature
  • A deal with Ms.Saltzman
    525K 19.7K 101

    Hope Mikaelson , twenty four years old, species- wolf and witch Hybrid? That's interesting. Has worked at three other firms, has a bachelors degree in Fine arts at southern university of New Orleans, and she has outstanding qualifications. Well I think I might have found someone to fill the position. * * Josie Saltzma...

    Completed   Mature