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  • Torn Cloaks (Countryhuman Sanctuary AU)
    4.5K 106 3

    "This place seemed awfully familiar. Everything did. Even the person walking right past Germany..." Germany never took time off of his schoolwork; homework was the thing he was the only thing he liked to do for some random reason. His friend America decides to push him out of the house one day, sending him overseas fo...

  • Learning To Trust
    7.9K 212 8

    First time writing on Wattpad, whooo. Obviously a GerPol story, because yes. Warnings will be added at the beginning of the chapter and before said event happens. Prob slow updates? Idk.

  • ~* Russia x america and Germany x poland *~
    1.2K 19 3

    the new guy is poland the countries that I'll be putting in are nazi,ussr,Russia,America,germany ,poland,ukriane,Canada and maybe more poland was new and the different countries live together in a mansion they dint really get along but they will soon [ p.s: got this story cause of rp ]

  • Trust
    1.4K 45 2

    Poland is trying to move on after her trauma. Somehow she managed to avoid Germany for a while, but it couldn't last forever. Will Germany be able to build a new relationship between them? This book contains swearing (None of art is made by me)