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  • The Chase ▹ Ashton Irwin
    15.7M 301K 98

    "Welcome to the chase. Might as well just call it Hell." cover by @Iucifer

    Completed   Mature
  • Stumble.
    5.1M 173K 44

    "Shit happens."

  • when we collide ✰ l.h.
    20.2M 368K 55

    "Why is green your favorite color?" "Because it's the color of your eyes." Long time best friends, Luke and Autumn, spend their first year of college living together. They would say unexpected love is the best type of love. Copyright © fluffycashton 2018. All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof may not...

  • speed limit [c.h]
    17.9K 1.4K 5

    when racing becomes everything in her life, and then, it was not. [ © jay illon, 2014 ] cover by @michaelclifford

  • My Wattpad Love✔️
    50.7M 1.6M 34

    Julie has always been the shy type. Her world changes when she finds wattpad, a very popular ebook community. She becomes addicted to it and even starts posting her own stories. But are friends, fans and votes all she will get from this site? Or is it possible to find love as well?

  • Niall Horan Is My Guitar Teacher?!? *editing*
    15.2M 296K 100

    All I wanted was to learn how to play the guitar. I never asked for my teacher to be a boy in the worlds biggest boyband. But I'm not complaining.

  • Club of Misfits [Lashton & Malum]
    36.7K 1.4K 19

    ❝Everyone has flaws. You me, Michael and Ashton - we're all just a club of misfits.❞ A club for those who need a friend created by two best friends.

  • Project Daddy || a.i
    21.7M 695K 82

    "You can call me daddy." "You cannot be fucking serious." __________ "This is a weird part of the internet, I don't like this place." - Michael Clifford, 2020.

  • 24 Hours.
    24M 689K 66

    Where a naive girl with lots of baggage and a rockstar that can't seem to think of anyone but himself fall in love over the span of 24 hours

  • Head Over Feet (Demi-Niall/Diall Fanfic)
    23.8K 928 52

    [Complete] Demi Lovato 21 years old, average Uni girl, come across the sea from America to London try to get a better education. She’s friendly, sweet girl, not a party animal and boys is the last thing in her list. Then there’s Niall Horan, handsome guy from Ireland, he’s the biggest derby fans, party animal and well...

  • Bitter & Sassy (Louis Tomlinson)
    6.8M 210K 41

    {book 4} - ❝ All women are the same. One day they say they love you, that they are gonna be with you forever; the next they meet someone else, someone who can be with them when they need it, someone who shares their world. And then they tell you “but we can still be friends.” Yeah, you know what I think of that? Fuck...

  • Try Hard: (A Diall fanfic based on the song Try Hard)
    2.9K 129 5

    Niall James Horan, 20, lives in London and goes to high school like other people. He failed two years from his schooling and he repeated them so he is studying with classmates younger than him. He is in a band, with 8 other lads. He has got a weird crush on a girl called “Demi Lovato” she is seventeen, and they are on...

  • Kay's Diaries (Louis Tomlinson)
    1M 35K 19

    {bonus book} - Dear Diary, This is the first and last time I start this… uh… entries? Whatever. It’s the first and last time I start one of these like this. How cheesy and overused, but I couldn’t think of anything else. To be honest, I’ve started this to keep track of a new –let’s call it project– I got interested in...

  • Streaker.
    4.6M 170K 42

    In which a boy with a bad habit of getting himself drunk learns that sex isn't everything.

    Completed   Mature
  • 7:15.
    25.9M 561K 49

    "7:15, that's our time."

    Completed   Mature
  • Fall.
    27.2M 509K 53

    "You have a problem with falling, don't you?" "You have no idea." Cover by LilacLucas

    Completed   Mature
  • Back For You...(Louis Tomlinson Fan Fiction)
    255K 5.1K 28

    Skylar and Louis were once best friends, but when one fight between her parents ends up with her in America, what happens to Louis? When there friendship breaks a part, can they mend it back together? What happens with Louis and Skylar when they're forced to meet up again? Will she hate him forever? Or can Louis get h...