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  • Perfect Dream (Completed)
    29.3K 607 92

    lime and theo's

  • waste the night (completed)
    45.1K 811 91

    an epistolary wherein rayne, a woman who's afraid of commitment randomly talked to a guy every 10 o'clock up until dawn, not knowing that he's the friend of her friend's ex-boyfriend who you've been interacting with for a few times.

  • Crush, Crushed (Completed)
    190K 3.4K 121

    [ E P I S T O L A R Y ] Baby boy Series #1 Girl banat, Alyzsa was messaging this guy who doesn't know him. He was her long time crush, since she was in elementary up until to college. But since the guy doesn't know him she needed to do something to caught his attention. Started : August 23, 2020 End: August 26, 2020...

  • Too soon, too late (Completed)
    85K 1.6K 121

    [ E P I S T O L A R Y ] Baby Boys Series #2 Started : August 26, 2020 End : August 31, 2020

  • Get lost, come back (Completed)
    82.9K 1.4K 121

    [ E P I S T O L A R Y ] Baby boy Series #3 Started : September 01, 2020 End : September 11, 2020