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  • Roleplay Ideas
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    So here is a list or rp ideas. I'm alphabetical order for the OCD peeps out there and enjoy, if you want there will be a second book on example starters for rp but that's if I get good feedback. Enjoy!

  • Random Roleplay Ideas and Characters
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    This will be a medium book containing some ideas about Roleplays and what would happen. At the end of each idea, i will place what character i will use in that toleplay and what role your character must follow for the Roleplay to work out. I will also be adding some chapters about what my characters will look like in...

  • Roleplay and story AUs/ideas
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    So I'm a role player and I wanna give others some ideas that can maybe also get used for writing/books I won't roleplay with you unless I know you irl tho. Anyways you can share your rp ideas too and I'll credit you :) now onto the book This will be full of AUs and mostly ship but there's some mutual aus or you can ju...

  • Roleplay Ideas
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  • Roleplay Ideas
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    A book of ideas and scenarios for (possible) future roleplays.