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  • Just Say It Back ( Hanni x Male Reader)
    126K 5.7K 59

    Love hurts... Love is confusing... After dating for years, the now ex-couple, Y/N and Hanni, have separated. The busy schedule of Hanni's idol life had torn apart the relationship. Hanni had fallen out of love and felt wrong for keeping Y/N, even though her feelings were no longer the same. The two once-starcrossed l...

  • New jeans x Reader one shots
    25.3K 570 14

    These stories will be NJ members or a member x reader/s. !!Requests are always open!!

    89.2K 1.8K 42

    Another oneshot book, you guys request the member, the genre and the plot, and I do the magic! Enjoy ;)

  • IZ*ONE & ITZY (One Shots) [Completed]
    164K 4.4K 89

    A book I made for fun (≧▽≦) (This is a GxG story, if you don't like GxG please kindly leave Thankyou.) Thank you for 4k!!!

  • The Last Goodbye (Kim Minju X male Reader) (Finished)
    46.3K 1.7K 63

    I wish i can be with you forever but i guess life just don't want that to happen. For now this is.... my last goodbye ----------------------------------------------------------------- Start 27/12/2020 Finished 22/5/2021 Notes : *The pictures i used in the story is not mine, it is from the internet

  • Rising Star (Yena X Male Reader)
    45.4K 2.2K 45

    Choi Yena X Reader (Male) You used to be a trainee under Woolliment entertainment. You loved performing until you were involved in a significant car accident, putting your idol dream to a halt. After almost giving up on the music industry in general, a little duck suggested using your talents to create music. You begi...

  • izone oneshot
    55.2K 976 31

    Just oneshot by a nooby writer Fluff and angst only I'm pure no smut 😊

  • ɪᴢ*ᴛʜᴇᴀᴛᴇʀ | ɪᴢ*ᴏɴᴇ
    58K 1.8K 34

    in which iz*one and wiz*one are forever one would you listen to a fairy tale-like story? female reader and iz*ships only fluff and angst only, no smut allowed! request is closed due to lack of creativity atm!!! [always open to request but the writing process will take longer than average] highest ranking #1 in miyawak...

  • Iz one x male reader oneshot
    58.7K 1.2K 32

    Requests are open. No smuts Just request for any member and I will try to do my best

  • [With You] {아이즈원 FanFic} ■ONGOING ✎
    97.9K 4.4K 65

    (All Members) IZ*ONE × Fem! Reader 12 girls who are looking for a lasting lover... And until they met you. They did everything they could to show their affection to you. It wasn't easy because while achieving their dream, there is always something that blocks their way. And that same goes with their way to you. "Y/n...

  • SIGNAL (Tzuyu x reader)
    101K 2.6K 36

    Hitsugaya y/n was a boy who lives in his grandmother house but he move to the city. it was summer vocation and he decided to visit his grandmother house but his grandma pass away 3 years ago. he is walking in the woods when he suddenly heard a crash, out of curiosity he went to the crash and he saw a tall girl and can...

  • My Savage Yoda (Twice Fanfic)
    108K 2.3K 61

    You were attending a Twice concert on behalf of your idol sister, Eunha from GFriend so she could see her friend Sana. You were then taken backstage with her and was able to meet with 2 members While looking left and right, you finally landed your eyes on one member, Tzuyu, fans calls her Yoda, Savage Maknae, etc but...

  • My Life as a JYP trainee (On Hiatus)
    68.5K 2K 29

    after reading so much fanfics about y/n x your bias in twice . I cant find a long story about you being a JYPE trainee so I made one for you guys. :)

    61.3K 910 27

    Iz*one Oneshots

  • Missing U (Twice Fanfic)
    243K 5.8K 85

    Twice members x Reader This is my first fan fiction and I am sorry if it is bad. I will try to improve the story time by time. May or may not contain smuts 😅 You were a new student in JYP academy, you are in the music major along with 9 beautiful girls. You fell in love with one girl during your trainee years but af...

  • Tzuyu and Me (Tzuyu X Reader)
    167K 3.7K 30

    You've been in Korea for a while now, and it's been pretty boring. Up until now, that is. Young K-pop star Tzuyu is completely indebted to you for getting her out of a sticky situation. She pays the favor back by getting you a job that kept you very close to her. With eight other gorgeous girls, is she the right o...

  • HUG | Minju X Male Reader [✓]
    78.4K 3.6K 27

    An IZ*ONE AU. I think everyone has a moment in time that they want to return to. (This story is a work of fiction and any similarity with other stories is coincidental) [COMPLETED] ✓

    Completed   Mature
  • [Completed] No Matter | Choi Yena x M! Reader
    60.5K 2.2K 39

    No matter what you do, life will find its way to get you Note: - This story is fictional. - Any events or name that's similar is coincidental - I do not own any of the pictures/videos i used here in this story P.s. This is my first story, and english is not my native so...... bear with me :)

  • What's Wrong With Ms.Kang?
    85.2K 3.9K 33

    Misunderstandings arise when Han (YN), a highly capable secretary, announces that he will resign from his position, after working for Kang Hyewon, an ambitious and narcissistic Vice Chairwoman of one of the largest companies in Korea, for nine years. What will she do if she loses her highly trusted secretary? Inspire...

  • Eyes On Me!
    100K 2K 32

    This is a book with (lame) stories about you and the members of iz*one, Le Sserafim, IVE, and New Jeans!

  • Fluffs? (IZ*ONE x M! Reader)
    278K 6.3K 76

    Not accepting any requests (For now). BxG. I'm just writing of some mini plots that i've thought of during my daily activites, or some requests that the readers have asked me to write. Note: The names of idols i use here are just for the sake of the plot. I never have any intend to drag any idols down, or ship anybod...

  • FEAR | Hyewon X Male Reader [✓]
    47.6K 1.8K 20

    An IZ*ONE AU. I fear that if everyone knows the truth they're going to leave me... (This story is a work of fiction and any similarity with other stories is coincidental) [COMPLETED] ✓

    Completed   Mature