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  • Her Childhood Best Friend
    11.2K 310 6

    y/n pratt is a 26 year old model/actress, and has known her best friend, kendall jenner all her life. what she does not know however, is that kendall has had a crush on her forever, but doesn't plan to act on it. what will happen when kendall's big secret gets revealed??

  • The Great Pretender | Kendall Jenner & Y/N
    221K 5.1K 41

    What will happen when Y/N and Kendall pretend that they're in a relationship? - So yea, I'm not creative enough to write descriptions. Just read the story and tell me what you feel. Lol

  • Syndicate: Project Rye [Kendall Jenner/You]
    36.3K 1.6K 14

    World Crime Investigating Agency (W . C . I . A.) Is an unknown group of investigators organized by trusted leaders from different countries that would handle the world federal crimes. A private unit is formed to investigate a infamous syndicates that are planning to cause world mayhem. {You G!P/ Kendall Jenner} Date...

    Completed   Mature
  • Rough Roads - Kendall Jenner Imagine
    193K 6.5K 23

    Difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations. It certainly wasn't in your plans road tripping with a strange girl you met on the way. And it certainly wasn't in your plans to fall in love with said girl. Was it fate or was it coincidence? Will you be able to unravel the mysterious girl that suddenly joins you in a...

  • Loving Someone {Kendall Jenner and Y/N}
    45.7K 1.1K 9

    "You should be loving someone" A love story between you and Kendall Jenner.

  • OUT OF LINE (Kendall and Y/N)
    331K 8.6K 65

    A supermodel Kendall Jenner meet the bad ass Y/N Harper. What will happen to their love story? How can they take all the challenges in their relationship? How long can they wait for each other?

    Completed   Mature
  • Ms Jenner
    409K 11.8K 66

    Y/n's boss has moved to another branch, and as an assistant she's had nothing to do since he left, but her new boss Ms Jenner certainly makes up for the drama she missed out on during her two months of peace. ⚠️Warning: Mature Content - smut, mention of abuse, explicit hard drug use⚠️ Read at your own discretion 💕 H...

    Completed   Mature
  • Adopted by Kendall Jenner
    94.8K 1.3K 53

    a girl named Athena grew up in and orphanage. She has an idol. That is Kendall Jenner. {under major editing}

  • Adopted By Kendall Jenner
    299K 5.8K 38

    (COMPLETED) Leslie is in for an amazing Summer, because she gets adopted by Kendall Jenner, the most famous teen-model in America! What will happen? Read to find out! Second book: All Grown Up

  • The Girl in the Picture* Y/N and Kendall Jenner
    473K 10.7K 85

    This is a gxg story about y/n y/l/n and Kendall Jenner! Read the book and find out what happens! Do they fall in love? Can they make it work? ReAd ThE bOoK!!!

  • January Day
    100K 2.8K 11

    You are a friend of Justin Bieber and you move to L.A to start a project. There you will meet a lot of new people, including the supermodel. Things will happen.

  • Heart Open (Kendall and Y/N)
    467K 10.2K 50

    You and Kendall are in a secret relationship for 2 years. She cheated on You. A year after, your manager and Kris Jenner is setting Y/n and Kendall for a PR STUNT. Because her mother thinks you can help her daughter to bring back her career.

    Completed   Mature
  • married?
    219K 5.9K 29

    I'm married to Kendall Jenner. but I'm not supposed to be -Katherine Brimner

  • texts ♡
    132K 2.9K 44

    this book is just text messages with a mixture of instagram posts from you and kendall jenner ♡ no hate please, gracias amigas ♡

  • Keep Me Safe
    152K 4.4K 18

    Kendall Jenner - she's that ridiculously beautiful model who seems to have taken over the fashion industry. You know...the one with all the sisters? The media is used to portraying her as the "quiet one" in her family but that's because they don't know the real Kendall. Behind closed doors, she is a wreck. A...

  • The Party (Kendall Jenner x Y/N)
    615K 15.6K 55

    Kylie Jenner's been your best friend since you were 14. What will happen when you and Kylie go to a party, and things change between you and the older Jenner? (gxg) You x Kendall Jenner June 2017 - September 2018 highest rank - #2 in kyliejenner

    Completed   Mature
  • Accidents Happen
    362K 9.4K 28

    The day you accidentally bump into Kendall on the streets of L.A. with your 8 year old brother is the day all three of your lives change forever. Whoever would have thought that people could literally fall into love?

    Completed   Mature
  • Taste For An Older Chick - A Kendall Jenner Fanfic(Season 1)
    134K 2.9K 33

    They were just like me. Fangs. Vampires. There's just one problem... I'm the youngest one here.

    Completed   Mature
  • kendall jenner; highschool
    83K 2.2K 13

    After moving to LA from Florida, Y/N Y/L/N finds herself struggling with the new school and stuffs. Thanks to her charming personality that helps her make new friends as soon as she steps foot in the school. But there is someone certain whose attention Y/N craves so badly. That one person is none other than the Queen...

    Completed   Mature
  • Meeting You ↠ Kendall Jenner [ ON HOLD ]
    406K 10K 43

    "I feel like a part of my soul has loved you since the beginning of everything. Maybe we're from the same star." - Emery Allen Maybe we are. Maybe we're not. However, there's one thing I'm sure of... I'm glad I met you. *** You're Y/N Y/L/N, the 17-year-old singer-songwriter, and newest teenage heartthrob. You capture...