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  • The Prince and the Witch Prisoner | Prinxiety
    32.4K 1.6K 34

    *Completed* Prince Roman of Drenland has been kidnapped by an unknown man who calls himself "Lord" (self centered much?). He's being held prisoner with one other man, who has a very mysterious past and is very sarcastic. Prince Remus, the troublesome prince, sneaks out to find and save his brother. He's caught by Sir...

  • Princes and Assassins
    4.6K 306 20

    King Thomas wants his son to marry their childhood friend Prince Janus. Remus the assassin wants to kill King Thomas' child with the help of his brother. Roman wants to do his job and becomes the Prince's personal servant. Virgil doesn't want the rumours of him to be true. This is a Prinxiety story. None of the ch...

  • Out of Time - Logicality [Book 1 of the Commodities of Chaos Series] [COMPLETED]
    23.6K 1.8K 40

    Logan didn't ask for a magical watch to find its way into his life. He didn't ask to become a some sort of magical being either, but when an unexpected time trip with his best friend ends up throwing them into the middle of a huge conflict for all of the universe, he can't exactly say no. This book is the first of the...

  • Scoundrel - Prinxiety [COMPLETED]
    162K 9.6K 30

    Prince Roman is a prestigious young royal, who's as wealthy as he is fair. However, he has access to something Captain Virgil Black has been after his entire life, putting a target on his head that ends up getting him captured by pirates. This book is completed.

  • King of Mean
    162K 8.3K 59

    #1~ #virgilsanders 9/16/19 #1~#sanderssides 10/25/19 Prince Patton has officially won over the vote for the VK raffle. 3 kids from the isle were to be chosen by random draw to be able to attend Auradon Prep. Those kids would not only get to leave the isle to attend but also get the chance to make a proper and good nam...

  • Prince next door (Prinxiety au)
    4K 352 24

    When his parents decide to move when he's 6yo, Virgil is anything but excited, but then he meets the boy next door. 8yo Roman who comes up with the best games. The two quickly become best friends, but lose touch until they meet again at college. Will they become friends again? Are they crazy for wanting more? tw: dep...

  • The PUR-fect Curse
    195K 10.8K 45

    (Cover Made By @Winstermagic ) (Written based off a prompt from Vpow4life) In a fit of anger, Roman goes out and get's himself cursed. Now he's stuck being cared for by the man he hates the most. Virgil doesn't know the cat he's caring for is Roman. Stuck as a cat Roman has no choice but to fall victim to Virgil's evi...

  • Chemistry - A Sander's Sides Fanfiction
    237K 12.1K 55

    // COMPLETED // Ah-hem . . . Because I'm garbage and bored: An unoriginal and probably predictable/cliché AU where the Sanders Sides all go to high school together! Virgil is the new kid in town, and when the four sides are placed in the same group for chemistry, developing relationships and drama ensues. Roman is for...

  • The Chaser and the Artist - Prinxiety [COMPLETED]
    209K 12.1K 33

    Roman is a chaser on the Gryffindor quidditch team. He's outgoing, confident, and a true Gryffindor. Virgil, more commonly known as Anxiety, is simply a Metamorphmagus Slytherin artist. He's shy, self conscious, and some might say is a true Slytherin. When the two of them meet and a grow feelings for each other, their...

  • Lights Up - Prinxiety [COMPLETED]
    60K 3.5K 12

    Virgil moved to New York to try and move past his old demons that had been causing him to struggle in life since he was thirteen. The problem is, he's got limited money, and being new in town means he's got no friends and certainly no family to turn to for help. However, he happens to catch a lucky break by getting a...

  • No Never Yes||Prinxiety||
    509K 21.5K 43

    Virgil had his own life, his own group of mismatched, odd friends. Roman had his clique and his power. The two were about to collide in one big mess. High School/Soulmate AU. Focuses on Prinxiety and sometimes side story logicality and Demus because I'm a sucker. Story completed and under revisions!!

  • A Royal Love Story(Prinxiety)[COMPLETE]
    184K 7.6K 40

    Prince Roman of the Ironfelt Kingdom is well known for being a heroic, flirtatious man. Everyone respects him, and sees him as a mighty hero, however as much of a hero he is, he's lonely. His only real friend is his Royal Assistant Logan Crofters. Lord Virgil Anxiety of the Dark Forest is the ruler and protector of th...

  • We Can be Heroes {Sanders Sides Superhero AU}
    192K 10.9K 89

    Logan, Roman, and Patton are best friends and the best team of superheroes in the city. Together they have stopped hundreds of crimes and captured several villains. The only villain they can't seem to catch is Deceit, The Duke, and Virgil, a young man who has been helping Deceit for years. After saving Virgil from two...

  • Love Between Worlds - Logicality [COMPLETED]
    73.3K 5.4K 28

    When Logan took a vacation to Hawaii, he wasn't expecting anything to come out of it. He didn't expect to enjoy himself, or relax, and he certainly didn't expect to fall in love with someone who was a completely different species. This book is completed.

  • Monarchy - Sanders Sides
    10.5K 717 27

    Prince Logan, soon to be king, is in desperate need of a partner before the full blue moon, which he will be married under the light of. After begging his mother for a groom instead of a bride, she takes matters into her own hands. As Logan's chosen husband and the prince get closer, will the boy want to return home a...

  • You're The Only One - Prinxiety [COMPLETED]
    52.6K 4.6K 29

    A new era has dawned on Roman's kingdom, one that's he feels he's not entirely prepared for. He's used to riding horses into the sunset and attending balls while hoping he won't be forced into an arranged marriage, but now he's expected to learn about dragons and what it takes to ride one. He'll have to do that with t...

  • Parents (Prinxiety Fan-fiction)
    72.8K 3.2K 31

    This has been playing out in my head for a while, so I thought 'why not make it an actual story?' And so I did. It's mostly Prinxiety with some Logicality mixed in. :3 Virgil, Patton, and Logan are starting their 8th grade year. Roman has just moved back to the neighborhood and Virgil is both thrilled and nervous. Why...

    3.2K 190 24

    Virgil's got a new job as a school secretary, a vast change from his old life. He quickly befriends a few fellow faculty members, including one happy-go-lucky drama teacher. As the year goes on, and Virgil begins to form stronger bonds, his reluctance to revisit parts of his past may begin to put a strain on the relat...

  • Learn How To Love
    62.6K 3.7K 36

    He had to run away. They can't find him. They wont find him. Right?

  • 30 Days & Counting - Sanders Sides
    80.2K 4K 33

    Virgil Black has been admitted to Sanders Junior Mental Hospital. While getting acquainted with his surroundings, he learns that there are other people just like him. With a 30 day stay already planned out for him and his journal tightly in his grasp, how will Virgil's stay go? THERE WILL BE TRIGGERS! PLEASE PROCEED W...

  • Right or Wrong - Superhero AU
    21.5K 949 20

    Sander's city is the home to the hero's know as creativity, logic and morality... but there is no hero without a villain. Anxiety, Deciet and Intrusive. the city's very own super villains. After a fight the hero's may have finally found something that may help them in finally taking down the villains once and for all...

  • You're Not Allowed To Fall in Love With Me (COMPLETED)
    33.7K 2.7K 54

    Two hearts. One bet. £20. (Cover art by @winstermagic. Seriously, go Follow them. Their art is AMAZING!)

  • I Love You~
    46.4K 1.9K 25

    The Prince and Storm families own family owned stores that hate each other and want nothing to do with one another..but what happens when the son of the Prince family, Roman Prince, meets the son of the Storm family, Virgil Storm? Will Roman and Virgil relationship be broken by their families? I guess you'll have to r...

  • The Demon and the Child
    16.5K 1.3K 34

    *Completed* Virgil doesn't know it, but he's the son of Lucifer. After his caring mother is killed in a horrible car crash that should have killed Virgil as well, his father realizes that Heavens angels are trying to send Virgil back to Hell despite him not doing anything bad. Virgil is sent to his Uncle Patton's pla...

    Completed   Mature