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  • *Discontinued* Broken Crown~Prinxiety
    5.1K 558 16

    There's a story out there. A story parents would tell their kids before bed. A story of their history and that of good morals. A story of a war and a betrayal. Yes, the great war. the war that was waged for eons. The five kingdoms fought tirelessly against themselves. For land, control, and resources... no one was eve...

  • *Discontinued* The Demons Among Us
    6.3K 1K 36

    After what is known as the 'Blackout', decades later the human race finds themselves living in camps surviving as a species against an entirely new race of sentient beings that took over the planet. Demons, from the otherworld, came over from portals that popped up all around the world all at once instant asserting th...

  • Out Of The Ordinary (Prinxiety/Logicality)
    31.1K 2K 28

    Virgil has never had an easy life. Running from his past has always been is full time occupation, even after he became the Shadow Knight and started going after criminals still unknown to the police and his very enemy, the Red Prince. So what happens when his past comes back to haunt him? And what happens when Roman...

  • The Fallen Angel - Prinxiety (ON HOLD)
    13.9K 1.2K 18

    Roman is the prince of a kingdom where magic has been made illegal after the disappearance of his brother. When his kingdom is threatened by magic extremists, he thinks they should embrace magic in order to fight back. He runs into a young magic user and decides to help him in hopes that the guild he's part of will he...

  • We Want To Be Normal SEQUEL{Sanders Sides Super Hero AU}
    19.7K 1.4K 51

    WARNING THIS IS THE SECOND BOOK IN THE SERIES PLEASE GO READ THE FIRST BOOK IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY: It's been a year since Remus and Deceit have turned themselves in to the police, ending their reign of terror over the city and Virgil. Since than Virgil has gained the life he's always wanted. He lives with his best f...

  • The House Across The Street *COMPLETED*
    28.8K 1.6K 32

    Logan and Patton are the parents of the adopted 3 year old twins Remus and Roman. Dean (Deceit) is a single father of adopted 3 year old Virgil, who just moved in to the house across the street. Virgil, though only 3, deals with extreme anxiety, he's a slow learner so he doesn't talk very much and rarely, if not ever...

    Completed   Mature
  • Identity (A Sanders Sides Superhero AU)
    5.5K 329 18

    Superpowers are extremely rare. 1 in 1,000 teenagers will discover their hidden powers. Roman, Patton, Logan, and Virgil have been friends since grade school. Unfortunately Virgil had moved away in the 6th grade. It was that year that all 4 of them had discovered they had superpowers. Logan, Patton, and Roman or Logic...

  • Logically Parenting (Logicality & Prinxiety)
    70K 2.6K 19

    Logan and Patton have known each other since high school, they are complete opposites but that's what drew them together. After being together since Prom and throughout college and university, they decide to adopt. And that's when they adopt a small child named Virgil. Ships : Prinxiety (RomanxVirgil) and Logicality (...

  • Set In Stone?
    42 6 1

    Everyone gets assigned a certain part in a Fairytale. You have to follow that role no matter what. But what happens when someone decides to break that rule? Will it spark an inspiration in others, or will it just be a horrible mistake?

  • Sanders Sides Oneshots
    13K 713 45

    Prinxiety and Logicality or no ship stories! Requests are open, but no smut! Angst, fluff, AUs etc are all welcome though! Demus or Desleep ore Remile are also going to be in these, but mostly as background ships. Uh, this is my first time doing a one-shot, so... Enjoy? It's for me to try to get stories out to you whi...