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  • Henry X Patrick/ Nic X Owen one shots
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    because there isnt enough hentrick stories :) i really suck w writing so i am terrible sorry!!!!! And yea... All of em are Henry's point of view and henry's a bottom. Don't accept? Hah i don't care, but love y'all 🤷🏻‍♀️💞 Also i added Nic x Owen cuz.... Yeh i like ALSO NIC IS A BOTTOMMMMMMM HAHAH PERIODDD

  • Smile while crying (Henry X Patrick IT 2017)
    1.6K 49 2

    After Patrick goes missing Henry refuses to believe he not gone and will do anything to get him back.

  • The Loser's Club
    8.9K 243 15

    *The Loser's are only one year younger from Henry and Patrick. So the Loser's are much older then in cannon. * Henry and Patrick seem to be more then friends, but Henry struggles to admit his feelings for the black haird boy. Will he get over his fear of other people judging him for who he truly is? Bill and Stan ha...

  • Henpat oneshots
    37.8K 881 72

    Not my art! Credit goes to the artist!! this is a new ship I like so I thought why not write something about it I hope you all enjoy reading this

  • Smoke Till We Drop (Finished)
    21.5K 443 13

    this story includes: henry x pactrick Swearing bullying/fighting sexual harassment sexual comments physical and verbal abuse gay- homophobic comments threats blood (duh) animal abuse smoking/drug use/drinking may be smut- (ill say in title if their is) all art does not belong to me-

  • obsession
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    a henpat story. Henry Bowers escaped from his dad and showed up at Patrick's house.

  • Our little secret🖤 HenPat/Hentrick
    13.5K 320 13

    vic and patrick are dating, but little does Vic know Patrick has an interest for their leader. Henry Bowers.

  • Dying Flame (Hentrick) RETIRED
    2.5K 56 10

    "Is this love illegal? Will I ever fall for someone again? I'm stuck on you.." THIS IS A 2020 AU, PLEASE DON'T BE CONFUSED :) Just a love story of the ship Henrtrick. /'THIS STORY CONTAINS SELFHARM, ALCOHOL, ABUSE, AND MENTIONS OF SUICIDE'/ 𝕋𝕙𝕒𝕟𝕜 𝕪𝕠𝕦.

    2.3K 54 2

    When your friend goes missing you'd do anything to find him. Yes non of this happened in the movie. Which is why its called a fanfic. :p Characters and IT belongs to Stephen King. All credits to them! Please support their official Release

  • Let me love you
    18.9K 541 8

    〈"I love you Bowers, even if you don't love me back, your the only one who feels real to me..〉 ⌦ Patrick Hockstetter x Henry Bowers fanfic ⌫