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    [ON HOLD] •1st place winner in BTS Hyung Line Awards 2020- Kim Seokjin Category• "Let's flip the coin." He said while inching closer to me. "If it's heads, I'm yours." "And if it's tails....," He cupped my cheeks as his eyes looked straight into mine, but then, when the next sentence left his lips, I froze. "Then you...

  • Falling for Mr. Worldwide Handsome (On Hold)
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    Set in the near future, BTS has gone on hiatus. Cora Lee is a Korean American girl in her early 20's. She begins working for her best friend Heather, who owns a successful company. She meets Kim Seokjin from BTS at a club, where he saves her. They have an awkward encounter that embarrasses Cora. Later, they find out t...

  • Roses For You || Kim Seokjin
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    Being a heartthrob himself Jin did not expect to fall in love with someone who instead, would make his heart beat faster. 🏆Awards🏆 •1st Place in Solo Seokjin Category [BTS Rainbow Swan Awards 2020] •2nd Place in Solo Seokjin Category [The Bangtanese Awards 2020] •1st Place in Solo Seokjin Category [The Army Awards 2...

  • Royalty | K.SJ ✔
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    Everything started as a silly crush from Jin's part, he knew his love was platonic... nothing more. One day BTS is invited to perform for the royalty where Jin sees his love closer... meters away from him. He didn't know but this was the day that would change his life. "I couldn't care less that you are a queen, I'm...

  • Two Weeks Ago
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    [Completed] "Yoongi jumped after hearing that and grabbed Tae by the collar. No. Seokjin hyung couldn't die. He wasn't going to be able to live without those horrible jokes of his. His weirdness. Goofiness." cover credits go to @blewmissme Started: November 21st 2019 Finished: March 27th 2020 Best rankings: #1 in jinc...