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  • Perception of The Mind
    29.1K 1.1K 37

    In where he realises he can fall in love. - #4 in sherlockholmes #5 in sherlock #3 in 221b #1 in mollyhooper

  • Anomaly
    16.9K 692 10

    [COMPLETE] When a woman with mysterious powers turns up on the doorstep of 177A Bleecker Street, Dr Stephen Strange is determined to discover the truth behind who she is, why she's here, and most importantly, how she knows his name. The answers he finds threaten to destroy everything he ever knew about time, space an...

  • Deductions and Cigarettes (A Sherlock's Daughter/Sherlock's Son fanfic)
    13.2K 437 25

    "Can I yell at him?" Angelica asked gleefully. Sherlock frowned and gave her a knowing look. "You let him smoke," He stood up straight. "I should shout at you as well. Your library trip tomorrow is no longer happening," He said before storming down the hallway roaring his son's name. "Charles Sebastian Scott Holmes!" ...