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  • Fine Line Between Love and Hate | Dan x Reader High School
    116K 4.3K 86

    There's a fine line between love and hate. Will you cross it with your high school bully? This is a tester story! I will only upload randomly! It will not interfere with my story schedule, however it may replace my Chris' Sister story when I finish it! I fell in love with a high school AU story and wanted to try it ou...

  • Dan X reader one shots
    6K 105 8

    Title says it all

  • Collab Love (Dan X Reader)
    34K 603 9

    A story set in New York City that has both fluff and smut! Yay! Also in this fic you're 22 so since most of you are teens (like myself) you can just imagine.

  • Homeless [Dan x Reader]
    115K 4.8K 30

    ~COMPLETED~ Y/N was a 20 year old girl who dropped out of university and got into a fight with her best and only friend who also happened to be her flatmate. Soon she meets a nice boy of the same age named Dan Howell and he lets her stay in his flat for a while. While going through loss, existential crisises, and love...

  • The Deal | Dan x Reader 1930's Mobster AU
    52.4K 2.1K 67

    Dan is a wealthy gang owner seeking out the perfect partner to work along side him. You, a grieving widow, seek out an opportunity to survive and make money without your husband. Will you and Dan come to an agreement and strike a deal?

  • Dan x reader x Phil, A love story..
    55.1K 1.3K 11

  • Sad Times And Sex(Dan X Reader)
    7.4K 149 97

    Y/N is 17 her life is a mess. But one day she decides to go for a walk, that's when she meets Dan. Dan falls in love with her, but keep in mind she's 17 and he's 27 will he let age effect how he feels, and will she feel the same way? Will they get caught? Read to find out!

  • Send me to sleep: Dan X reader
    94.4K 3.4K 54

    The sequel to 'wake me up: Dan X reader'. I suggest you read the first one if you haven't already as things will be brought up from the past. This can't be the end. You can't just loose Dan like this. Not after everything you've been through. Not when things started to flatten out. You were going to marry him. How can...

  • A Mess (Dan x Reader)
    59K 1.1K 22

    Your regular Dan Howell fic, my fren. (Previously named Troubled) -- "nuuuu ily this book" - a comment ur welcome idek does that help??

  • The Crash- Dan x Reader
    220K 6.7K 54

    You started your youtube channel not long ago but gained so much fame so fast. You decide to move to London to meet more people in the youtube community and advance your channel, but something unexpected happens... Starts out quite unrealistic and fast paced but the plot thickens and gets interesting. Highest Ranking:...

  • Wake me up. Dan X reader
    301K 9.6K 57

    You're just a nerdy teenage girl running from your family, hoping you can make it in the real world. Well the internet is real. The people behind the screens that you look up too are all real and they're closer to you than you think...

  • Lost {Dan × Reader}
    101K 3.2K 102

    Y/n moves to England after her mothers death to live with her grandparents. She's given the chance to live a new life, away from everyone she once knew. And her life seems to change by the time she stepped onto the bus. (I still suck at this description thing.)