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  • Making Things Right
    162K 5.9K 43

    Midoriya Izuku has gone through hell and back. Not only did he find out that the number 1 villain is his father, but he had to watch all of his friends die right in front of him. When he finally thinks that it's over, he gets sent back in time to right the wrongs. Will he be able to save everyone? or will they all die...

  • The Early Arrival
    11.7K 405 8

    One simple soul whose worth is far greater than the riches the World has to offer. Especially that one simple soul was brought to a world much different than his own and in that same world will be changed forever at the moment when he met a certain young Half-Elf child. This is a young Subaru meeting a young Emilia fi...

  • The Life Of Subaru Natsuki
    39.6K 690 10

    Several years after he was transported into another world, Subaru achieved many feats. He defeated and brought down the white whale, he eliminated the sin archbishop of sloth, he became the knight of Emilia, and he had conquered the Pleiades Tower. On top of that, he finally saved Rem from her coma state, and made Emi...

  • Re:Zero Casts Reacts to Earth and (Mostly) It's Military History
    61.2K 515 7

    After viewing Subaru's life, and the possible realities, everyone needed a breather and decided to view Subaru's homeworld. Particularly, it's history. Thanks to the military duchess and Subaru's interest in military history (not a canon thing I think) everyone just agrees to view how warfare is waged on the land. Th...

  • That Time I got Isakied as a Slime (DanmachixTTIGRS)
    77.1K 2.6K 18

    After the Founding Festival, Rimuru created a new teleportation magic and somehow convinced Hinata to test it out with him. What could go wrong? Follow our lovable slime and cold hearted babe on a journey where they live among the gods trying to get home in a crossover of Danmachi and That Time I got Reincarnated as a...

  • Re Zero: Start Again As A Player İn Another World.
    24K 428 6

    Natsuki Subaru is trapped in an endless cycle of death, never defeating Pandora. But suddenly an unknown force sent him to zero. But this time he gained strength without paying a price. [The Integration is Complete.]

  • Re:Regulus Restarting From Zero With My Worst Enemy...
    61.3K 2K 18

    God, a supreme being that shouldn't be questioned, a being that surpasses any other being. At this point in time, this being that knows the answer to everything........was bored.....Although he has taken a liking to a certain world...Re:Zero, especially the Sin Archbishop of Greed, Regulus Corneas. Since he was bored...

  • Re:Zero Cast Watching Natsuki Subaru's Adventure to Death
    611K 7.2K 43

    After being transported into another world, Natsuki Subaru has gone through all kinds of pain and died many times but still returned to life for a very enigmatic reason. The ones who have met him in their world will now see how Natsuki Subaru went through all kinds of deaths that will answer their questions on how he...