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  • Blind Kiss | seongjoong
    444K 24.9K 27

    [COMPLETE] In which Kim Hongjoong goes to a party and plays a game known as 'blind kiss', where he has to blindfold himself and choose someone, who's also blindfolded, to kiss. In order to win the game, he must guess who he kissed by the end of the month. What happens when it turns out he kissed his worst enemy, Park...

  • Be My Lover | woosan
    449K 19.4K 64

    [COMPLETE] In which Wooyoung is in a toxic relationship none of his friends know about. What happens when his best friend, Yeosang, sets him up on a date, not knowing he's already in a relationship. And what happens when Wooyoung meets his date, Choi San, and ends up falling in love with him?

  • Reveal | haobin
    226K 13K 52

    [COMPLETE] In which Zhang Hao accidentally reveals kpop idol, Sung Hanbin's, secret relationship with another popular idol. Will this have consequences or will Zhang Hao be lucky enough to get away with it?

  • Roses | woosan
    203K 12.3K 46

    [COMPLETE] In which twelve year old San falls in love with a boy who steals roses from his garden. What happens when the boy moves away and they meet again five years later, but he now he doesn't remember him and hates roses? Will he open up to him and tell him why he's changed so much?

  • Sweet Rejection | seongjoong
    166K 11.3K 48

    [COMPLETE] "You must get rejected... no matter what." In which Kim Hongjoong helps out his best friend, Kang Yeosang, by taking his place and going on a blind date with the guy he was being set up with by his father. Yeosang tells him he has to get rejected no matter what, but what happens when his blind date, Park S...

  • Not Alone | haobin
    163K 10.9K 43

    [COMPLETE] In which a social media account who goes by the name 'Not Alone' helps his schoolmates whenever they're having a hard time. Although his identity is anonymous, Zhang Hao has taken a serious liking for the person behind this account, and will do anything to figure out who's behind it.

  • Popularity Is Being Loved | seongsang
    124K 7K 63

    [COMPLETE] In which the most popular boy in school stops caring about his popularity when he meets and falls for the least popular boy in school.

  • Try Not To Fall In Love | woohwa
    31.7K 2.5K 12

    [COMPLETE] "date me for a week... and try not to fall in love with me." in which seonghwa accepts to fake date wooyoung for a week, wanting to prove to him that he won't ever fall in love with him. will he succeed?