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  • Winter's second art scroll
    9.6K 1.2K 44

    I hold no respect for you if you do not critique or criticize my art, thanks ___ Second art book full of requests, dragons, wings of fire, improvement, and aggressive comments towards the aduience If you don't want to be threatened, then fight me(I love you all, honestly) Requests are open and valid for humans, dragon...

  • arts 2.0
    7.8K 1.1K 60

    art book 2.0 since wtfpad somehow deleted my old account! Yay! cover drawn by me, of deathbringer from wings of fire finger(talon?)-gunning (:

  • art book ii.
    19.7K 3.4K 92

    my 2020-2021 art book; cover by me. as usual, i will personally hunt you down and stab you with a trowel if you steal my art. <3

  • Naiad's Dwelling | Art Book + Journal
    3.6K 702 49

    welcome to my little world of wonders :)

  • solivagant • |art book|
    5.2K 1.5K 84

    (adj.) wandering alone

  • Random art book
    259 61 11

    This will be a book full of art. Wow I know so original. As well as art there will memes, life tips, and whatever I feel like at the moment. If you don't like that you can come and fight me! And I will wave a sharp pointy thing at you! *crosses arms* your move

  • ➵₳ɽ₮฿øø₭ 1- Crescent Dreams➵
    5.6K 1K 60

    This is my first art book so just prepare yourselves for some cringe!