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  • Zanzibar The Magician - Uncovered
    1.1K 219 13

    The year - 1941. The world is at war, Pearl Harbor has been bombed and conscription is enforced for the fourth time in American history. But, over New York, another 'unworldly' conflict has also been waged - one which is a direct result of an escapee from the Fourth Dimension arriving in Earth's atmosphere; The Sorcer...

  • Alice the Immortal and other Superhuman Tales
    1.3K 132 29

    The Central book of the Fox Universe/Earth-F. Alice the Immortal and The Eagle Ascends - set in the present day of Earth-f (based on the public domain comic book universe Fox Features, which was active 1939-1950's). Stories taking place from 1939 to present day. Alice just wants to be left alone to enjoy her immortal...

  • Adventures in Acre
    894 104 23

    Grieg Chapian's Golden Knight returns in a tale of medieval swords and sorcery. The Golden Knight - Richard of Warwick - embarks on the Crusades; his destination: the city of Acre. There, not only must he face battle against the forces of Saladin, but also the forces of ancient magic and betrayal.

  • Doctor Fung and Dan Barrister
    842 129 30

    Episode 1: The Case of the Missing Shells (complete) February, 1942. The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor has drawn the United States into World War Two. Democracy and freedom hang in the balance as the Allies struggle to halt the Japanese advance across the Pacific. In Los Angeles, master sleuth Doctor Fung and his si...

  • Tales from Earth-F
    2.4K 233 49

    Welcome to the Fox Universe - Earth-F is where the heroes of the public domain 1930's-1950's Fox Features dwell. In Tales, read flash fics and short continued stories about such characters as The Immortal Gunslinger, Domino, The legacy of the Black Fury, Thruster Platinum, The Legion of Time and others. Tales from Ear...

  • City of Flames
    287 31 8

    The City of Flames is an important location on Earth-F, connected to many heroes of the golden age. Right from the start, thousands of years before Christ, the warrior Lamas of the City of Flames have led the fight against the forces of darkness trying to break through to Earth from the Realm Beyond (otherwise known a...

  • The First Cut Is the Deepest
    67 5 1

    4K word superhero story for Jason Greenfield's Earth-F universe.

  • Legends of the Scarab
    373 49 14

    Legends of the Scarab is set in the Earth-F continuity in and around the fictional TRIPLE CITIES - CHICAGO, CENTRE CITY and YORK CITY. It's its own bubble far away from New York and LA, where the original public domain Blue Beetle and related characters dwell!

  • The Stanhope Affair
    1.2K 244 33

    Johnny Earthquake, a hard-boiled private detective, first appeared in "ALL TOP COMICS" in 1944. It is now 1957 and he and his partner, Rusty, are private detectives in Savannah, Georgia. Johnny just wants to put his troubled past behind him but fate has other ideas.

  • Fox Multiverse Presents ...
    1.2K 151 57

    Some Earths are off the beaten track. Some of the heroes you might encounter there are a bit off maybe. Take Earth-Aus for instance. It's ... well, see for yourself in the Bleedin' Adventures of Spidey-Mate (good bloke) and his bloody amazing friends! Coming (cancelled) soon: The adventures of the mighty Social Justi...