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  • Meraki Graphic Shop
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    The Graphics shop that you have all been waiting for has now arrived. With beautiful designs ready for your book, we have returned with our graphics shop that consist of talented graphic designers who are excited to make: covers, banners, aesthetics, etc just for you! They are currently waiting to take orders for your...

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    This is the place where we all members will talk about community and other things. This book is meant for members of the community and Telugu people who wanna join the community. But not for outsiders. Cover pic credit:- @krisha_p97

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    Share your knowledge. It's a way to achieve immortality. - Dalai Lama Hello everyone a heartily welcome from TEEN_FIX community. Welcome to our interview book - RENDEZVOUS WITH TEENS Have you ever wondered while reading a book and amazed by some scenes and wanted to create the same effect for your readers while they a...

  • Teen Fix from Alpha to Omega
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    Heyyyy... Bro,dude,and whatever we start calling each other like this only in our teenage.. Yes teenage ...oh my God talking about's not a cake walk to be a's full of obstacles ..... Teenage is not childhood to be carefree and not adulthood to be filled with is a time bet...

  • Tales for teens
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    Hey teens, Here is a book for you Are you suffering from teenage problems then it will handbook for you to solve them. This book contains the major problems faced by teens and how they faced it . So if you have any problems ,here you can learn ways to solve them . If you have any other problem which are not mention...

  • Mighty Shadows Of Life
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    (Previously known as Success Mantra) Looking for some motivation? Are you a quote lover? Positive motivation is all you need? Then what are you waiting for. Check out this book Success Mantra. This is the C/o quotes book. You can drop in suggestions if you wish to have some quotes. - TEEN FIX