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  • Carl weezer x reader 😻
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    The title says it all~ This book contains cringe,cannablism,death,aot and killing so read at ur own risk my dudes

  • bitch
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  • Sanders sides meme book
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    title says it all I don't own Sanders Sides or any of these memes

  • some of dat countryhumans memes n pics
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    imma post more on dis lol

  • Attack On Crack
    37.6K 4K 168

    Attack on titan jokes I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE JOKES!!! But the ones that i own will be said.

    Completed   Mature
  • || Thy Bible of Holy Shit // Booke of Spamme: Genesis ||
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    Ahahahahhah hello salutations young oyster how much do you know about me? Not much prolly ahahha. How much do you want to know about me? Not much prolly ahahaha. Lakjsjajsjajajajakss it's all right here: What you wanted to know, what you never knew you wanted to know and now you know, what you never knew you didn'...

  • Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump Cringe fanfiction
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    The competitive,abduction escaping love story of Hillary and Trump. Heartwarming cringe and cancer . This story is just a artificially flavored meme. I write this story with my friend named Ashley and Serenity (she likes being called Ren) and Ashley's username is @mexicanwonder . Please follow her and read our other...

  • The Battle For True Love - (Donald Trumpu x Jacob Saggytits x Obama)
    4.7K 176 15

    Donald has a big dilema. Its his first day of school and he falls in love the 2 hootest boys in da schl. what will he do? who will he choose? dun dun DUUUNNN!!!!!! WARNING: offensive material. if u are easily offended by stuff, den dont read dis. ya.

  • Pepe the frog x Donald trump
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    They meet each other and they love each other

  • Harambe's Final Moments
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    This is a beautiful fanfic dedicated to my man. Harambe. May he live on forever.

  • Mystic Messenger Memes Pt. 2!
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    Yeah, so.....Part 2 of more memes! Brought to you by the wonderful world called the internet (so I don't own any of them) Hope you guys like them! •Not spoiler free• Celestia-Red

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    Highest rank in humor: [134] - September 17, 2017 The title. All memes are made by me. Plz credit or at least ask me if you can use them. Don't steal! :)

  • Memes
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    Get your daily dose of memes ;)

  • Legend of Zelda on CRACK!
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    Random spoofs of Legend of Zelda games, just because. Not restricted to Breath of the Wild, but there will be spoilers. Hope you enjoy :)