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  • twelve crows | haikyuu x reader
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    Y/N never expects anything to come through the window. So she didn't really expect to see twelve crows on her bed sleeping. "Y/N what is this?" Y/N's dad, Keishin, asked her. "Dad I can explain-" The crows were lowkey really cute too. Well, highkey really cute. "Dad, can we keep them?"

  • For me ( Hinata x reader ) COMPLETED
    13.2K 541 12

    "Do it for me..please.." Short story (ANGST) (COMPLETED)

  • Volleyball Princess | Haikyuu x Child!Reader
    935K 41.6K 60

    ❝RUIN Y/N'S INNOCENCE AND I'LL RUIN YOUR LIFE❞ Being the little sister of Kageyama Tobio is not easy. Y/n, an energetic 5 year old, had a plan to visit her brother's volleyball team but being kidnapped by the other teams wasn't part of it. ♡ Rankings ♡ #1 - haikyuu (8.23.20) #1 - nekoma (8.28.20) #1 - angst (9.1.20) #...

  • The Mist Pillar's Sister (MHA x Reader x Demon Slayer)
    484K 17.8K 38

    The mist pillar,Muichiro Tokito have a sister.Tokito Y/N,the tsuguko of Muichiro. A certain mission that make her teleport into future.What will happen to her? "I will change the whole shitty history and rewrite everything if I need to"-Tokito Y/N __ Demon Slayer Manga spoilers. Please don't copy my stories ideas. I d...