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  • DAWN
    3.9M 229K 77

    "If Eve was the first woman on Earth── then, I am the last. My name is Dawn. The last girl on the planet. This is my diary." 🖇 COMPLETED Date Started: October 30, 2017 Date Finished: November 11, 2017

    10.3M 462K 116

    "One mobile dating app... gone wrong. Countless of daredevil couples in Lancaster High are now battling dangerously because of this deadly app. Everyone's life is now at risk. Too bad, it's too late to deactivate." Mechanics: 1. Choose an online partner. 2. Know each other deeper. 3. Kill other players together. Are y...

    7.5M 380K 89

    Ten missing teenagers. One house. One hundred cameras. A strange live broadcast suddenly went viral in all social media websites. What makes it strange? It is the live broadcast of the missing teenagers trapped and being secretly filmed inside a mansion── wherein the psycho house owner dangerously plays DOLLHOUSE wit...