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  • Eyewitness | Complete ✔
    305 32 1

    What did Zenia witness when she went for a night stay at her best friend's house? Read this short story to find out.

  • Daughter| Complete✔
    264 50 1

    For some men in our society, daughters are a burden. But are daughters really a burden? Read this One Shot to find out.

  • Remorseful (One Shot) ISLAMIC ✔
    200 34 1

    Praying five times daily is what makes us a Muslim. Despite knowing this, how many of us are actually performing Salah regularly? This One-Shot focuses on how one should perform good deeds before a time comes when we become powerless to accomplish any beneficial deed.

  • Indebted | Complete ✔
    158 28 1

    Teachers indeed play a vital role in shaping the lives of their students. This One-Shot focuses on how a little bit of encouragement from our teachers can transform us into confident individuals.

  • Alone| Complete ✔
    234 43 1

    Dua is regularly beaten up by her teacher. Will she ever get the courage to share this secret with anyone? Read this one-shot to find out.

  • Ungrateful| Complete✔
    219 30 1

    Read this short story to find how God snatches away the blessings from those who aren't grateful towards Him.

  • Cauliflower | Complete ✔
    165 24 1

    Nothing can match the kindness we receive from individuals who don't even know us.