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  • MiriTama ~ ♡▪A Boy in Love▪☆ { Mirio Togata x Tamaki Amajiki }
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    [] I do not own My Hero Academia (obviously) also if anyone knows the artist of the cover please let me know so i can credit them [] Tamaki Amajiki has been crushing on his best friend, Mirio Togata, for years but he's to scared to make a move for fear of losing their friendship. Does Togata feel the same? Will their...

  • Together Forever ~ MiriTama
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    Tamaki Amajiki is a 17 year old, who's a student at U.A. High School. Part of U.A.'s "Big Three" along with Mirio Togata and Nejire Hado. He'd been friends with Mirio since he was a kid, over the years he had developed a crush on him.