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  • Lament
    46.3K 6.4K 80

    Not a Love story...... Abhimaan Mehrotra Age 24. Completed his Management studies in a prestigious University of London. A sweet innocent young man. Loves his parents to the moon and back. Can have everything in the snap of his fingers. But there is a hollow in his life and heart. There is a vast difference be...

    Completed   Mature
  • Center Of The World (The Blemished)
    211K 12.1K 45

    "Why are you here?" "This is my room." "You will not stay in my room." "Your mom gave me the keys to this room. What do I tell her?" "That is your problem to figure out. Dare you take my name." ********** Story of dreams being shattered, story of disappointments, story of hopes, and heartbreak. ********* A girl loved...

  • Learning to Love
    5.3M 127K 55

    Aman and Priya were forced to have an arranged marriage as part of a business deal made by their fathers. Aman Verma is a shrewd businessman. He is a total womanizer and fears commitment. Priya Malhotra may belong to a rich family but was sheltered from the wealthy lifestyle and given an upbringing immersed in tradi...