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    || 🎥 This story is completed || •• #1 in 'Heehoon' (2021) ___________________________________________ A weird tension between them. ___________________________________________ || STARTED: JULY 17, 2021. || || ENDED: SEPTEMBER 30, 2021. || || SPECIAL UPDATE: NOVEMBER 30, 2021. ||

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    Sunghoon: Hyung let's get married first Heeseung: Why are you in such a hurry to get married Sunghoon-ah? Sunghoon: I'm really waiting for the opportunity to make you MINE FOREVER....

  • The Memory of You and I (Heehoon Fanfic)
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    An unexpected reunion had occrued in the land of Azrael, a land far from which you have heard of. Where a kind young boy's story is about to be changed, even though his whole life was against him, with just a click of a finger he stands infront of a prince known as the...Ice Prince. Will there relationship grow into s...

  • Why Always You?? {HeeHoon} Slow Update
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    -"If only I could know why and for what" -"Just WHY ALWAYS YOU..........just..........why" A story about two teen boys, one is still stuck with his past and one is trying to find the reason of the other past and trying to help him move on of it but everytime he fails. Both of them have one and the same person who lef...

  • Babysitting his Daughter
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    Outside, he's one of the richest and the best CEO. He's known to be a very hardworking man. A man who never gives up even though he's tired But at home, he's the sweetest father of his three year old daughter. A single but but the best parent who can handle his child nicely. But what will happen if he gets busy and ha...

  • Connected Minds, Connected by Fate(My rare mate)
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    Let's go on a journey in the wolf world, Where Park Sunghoon (a pure-blodded alpha) is waiting for his mate for four years and a boy,Lee Heeseung, who thinks he is just a worthless omega but he is unaware of his true form,that he is one of the very extraordinary and rare species of wolves Let's follow their story toge...

  • ̥۪͙۪˚┊❛ Heehoon oneshots ̥۪❜┊˚ ̥۪͙۪
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    : ̗̀➛ Purely Heehoon : ̗̀➛ incomplete/on hold :( : ̗̀➛ Will contain twoshots and threeshots if needed Enjoy~ੈ✩‧₊˚ Rank #1s • 1 on #Seunghoon

  • || HEEHOON || ONE-SHOTS ||
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    Just one-shots.

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