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  • Sick Days (Paperhat cuz y not?)
    17.8K 492 5

    Flugs sleep deprived and sick of course he tries to hide it. He keeps on working as his illness get worse along with his lack of sleep.. it's an amazing mix (note the sarcasm). He just wants it to pass but he had multiple dead lines and he doesn't want to upset Blackhat... but what happens when they notice something's...

  • Affair (PaperHat Fanfiction)
    11.8K 435 7

    I'm trash... (I'm updating this later...)

  • Why Am I Blue? (Paperhat Fanfiction)
    8K 334 8

    Black Hat's company is going to shit. His catalog is going on a downward spiral, hitting him with stress. So he takes it upon himself to work with Dr. Flug to create a new line of devices and weapons, that he hopes will save his business. Flug is a mess. His lack of sleep takes a toll on his ability to make his device...

  • Love Potion Gone Wrong [Black Hat x Dr. Flug]
    34.6K 910 9

    Yes, I am aware this has probably been done a lot and that it's probably the most cliché one out there, but whatever. I sincerely apologize to my fellow shippers.

  • Under the mask {paperhat}
    12.4K 367 16

    When a demon falls for an angel, what would happen to their relationship. And what would happen if Demencia found out. Can the people of black hats mansion survive the bumpy love ride? Or will someone fall of during the process?

  • Creature of the Shadows
    31.6K 1.2K 43

    There is something called a Shadow Daemon, they are a magical creature capable of a lot of things for both good and bad. What will BlackHat do when he finds out that there is one living right here in his very own house?

  • A PaperHat FanFic❤️
    23K 596 11

    A Small innocent cinnamon roll named Dr.Flug makes a device that zaps everyone into his mind thanks to his mean boss (Don't tell Black Hat I said that...) Black Hat. Now they navigate through his mind trying to find a way out, And through his mind they face horrible fears and crazy monsters. WILL THEY FIND THEIR WAY O...

  • In my heart, in my head [PaperHat]
    62.4K 2.8K 15

    Dr.Flug and Blackhat find themselves trapped in a world created by the genius scientist's inner thoughts and feelings, and more is revealed to his boss than he would have ever wanted him to find out. [cover art by me]

  • ||Him~|| BlackHat x Dr.Flug Villianous
    37.3K 961 17

    Dr.Flug and BlackHat have been having feelings. Without even knowing. When the feelings start coming out, the manor is starting to have some promblems, and secrets.

  • ~Animals -BlackFlug -[Villainous] -English Version
    22.8K 1.1K 19

    [WARNING= This is translated with Google Translator and Grammarly, not by someone with the perfect knowledge of bilingual.] That crazy, insane, obsessive, love that I have for you, the limits disappears me. You're my obsession, and my hobbies are chasing you and watching you. It does not matter if you hide, or if you...

  • Jelix & Septiplier - One Shots
    18.9K 260 21

    These stories will be a mix between Jelix (Jack X Felix) & Septiplier (Mark X Jack) Smut (Maybe?) Bad Language!

  • PaperHat OneShots
    2.1K 80 3

    Villainous // Villanos This "shots" book is based on my favorite ship, PaperHat, from Cartoon Network's Mexican miniseries, Villainous/Villanos made by Alan Ituriel.

  • A Scientist and a Villain |Paperhat|
    46.3K 1.4K 27

    Note: This is NOT abusive Love. So um.. Just read to find out?? Also this book might have a bit of some other comics. Start Reading! --->

  • Judged ( paperhat fanfiction )
    36.2K 995 10

    [ okok I now know my story woo ] Black Hat has been having,,,nightmares while he slumbers. Dr.Flug takes notice that something isn't right by Black Hat's strange behavior. See what's causing these nightmares and what Flug will do about it:^))))

  • (Villainous) Paperhat is OTP
    3K 125 6

    I really like Paperhat and I'm a sucker for this kind of ship. I hope my single fan enjoys this. Cover art by Charaisfantastic. Thanks! Update: WOWIE I HAVE MULTIPLE FANS! i'm horrible don't read this it is a total waste of your time why are you still here

  • [[DREAM CATCHER]] (A Paperhat Fanfic)
    92.3K 3.3K 15

    (COVER ART BY Amandathehedgehog95 ON DA) Black Hat decides to check through Dr. Flug's unsorted laboratory, and finds a dream hopping potion. Unfortunately, he sees something that he shouldn't see while hoping dreams of his 'friends.'

  • A Little Paperhat Thing
    18K 701 16

    Dunno what to call it. But this is it. Cool. Enjoy Art by my amazingly talented girlfriend!!

  • !!!On hiatus!!! I don't care if I die now »PaperHat«
    14.8K 409 9

    Dr. Flug isn't scared anymore, if he dies, then he finally gets to escape this dreaded place. If he lives another day, then he gets the assured safety that some hero or poor bystander will also go down with him because of the deadly things he makes. Blackhat dosn't like this. The exited doctor that once came to him to...

  • (Black Hat x Dr. Flug) Dear Jefecito
    4.2K 134 3

    The story of how Dr. Flug met Black Hat and started working for him... and how they fell for each other. (Cover by HitaGii).

  • My fear (a paperhat fanfic)
    21.5K 529 14

    flug worked for blackhat for almost a year. blackhat would yell at flug for screwing up a lot and for taking breaks. blackhat would even hit flug or slam him on the floor sometimes out of anger. one day, blackhat goes into flugs room to discover little blood stains on his night stand. he starts to worry for flug. will...

  • Feelings |Paperhat|
    8.1K 219 4

    Just em read to find out

  • PaperHat pictures 2
    33.3K 941 77

    Squeal time!

  • Late Night Cookies
    761 43 1

    This is a one shot. I've just been writing so much angst that I need a little fluff in my life. So have some paperhat fluff. (This is from on OTP prompt that says character A bakes when stressed, so when whole gift baskets worth of baked goods start appearing, character B gets worried.) Also this is BHxFlug and uncens...

  • The Ball
    1.1K 63 4

    Dementia gets invited to a different type of party with her disco friends ((yes she does get out every so often)) and she decided to invite her boss and coworker.

  • Insomnia - Villainous Paperhat Fluff
    106K 4.3K 16

    Flug is having trouble sleeping and Black Hat takes matters into his own hands. Cover photo by my friend @xerii_ Go love them they are wonderful!

  • I've Had Enough
    12K 404 3

    "I've had ENOUGH!" Flug threw the beaker of acid onto the floor. The floor sizzling was the only sound throughout the lab. "I've had enough of this shit." Rapid and angry footsteps now sounded throughout the lab followed by a slamming door.

  • Not so bad after all..
    12K 513 6

    Fluffy Flughat/Paperhat for the soul

    27.5K 933 9

    BlackHat wonders what's even UNDER Flugs bag. He asks Flug to take it off but Flug doesn't want to. So they arrange a deal. If BlackHat ((manages)) to take off all his hats then Flug will take off his paper bag. Do they do it? And how do they react?

  • It took me by suprise (Paperhat)
    35.1K 1K 14

    What happens when a demon starts having strange feelings for his slave. What happens when the same demon mistakes it for hate? I took inspiration from a song called "It took me By Suprise". I love this song and chose to, why not, make a PaperHat story on it.

  • Are You Okay?...Paperhat Black Hat X Dr.Flug (Villainous)
    80.9K 1.8K 21

    A story thats all over the place